Hotel Electronics and Equipment Trends for 2020

Hotel Electronics and Equipment Trends for 2020

hospitality electronics and equipment trends

Electronics and equipment play a large role in the guest experience and providing the best experience changes as consumer habits do. The increasing importance of meeting guests’ digital needs has merged into current trends for electronics and equipment in hotels. The key to keeping today’s guests happy lies within connectivity, personalization, and convenience:

The Comfort of Home

Traditionally, media offerings in hotels were limited to standard radio stations and cable channels. However, properties are now providing the option for guests to enjoy the same entertainment they do at home with streaming availability. Hotel televisions and clock radios are implementing Bluetooth connections and streaming apps such as Netflix so that travelers can pick up from exactly where they left off in their favorite TV show or wake up to their preferred music. Hoteliers can also program these devices to stay logged in for the duration of a guest’s stay for constant, convenient access.

A Personal Touch

Offering a personalized guest experience is now easier than ever, thanks to advancements in technology. Even small tokens of personalization, such as a guest’s name, appearing in a greeting message on a guestroom television can go a long way in making travelers feel welcomed. Another way hotel guests can enjoy a more customized stay is with their in-room preferences, such as temperature and lighting levels. Those who frequent a particular hotel brand may have their environmental choices saved in their account so that their selections are already in place when they enter the guestroom.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

People use their phones for just about everything nowadays, so it makes sense that that level of accessibility and control would transfer to the hospitality industry. Many hotels are doing away with the standard room key in favor of mobile apps that unlock guestrooms from guests’ personal devices, eliminating the problem of a lost key card. There is also a higher level of in-room connectivity with cellular devices, as a growing number of hotel brands give guests the option to control technologies such as the television and room temperature using phone apps.

Keeping your property up-to-date with the latest technologies for electronics and equipment is critical in creating a comfortable and convenient environment for travelers. Reach out to our FF&E procurement specialists today to ensure your property has everything guests need to feel at ease during their stay.