Design-Driven Purchasing

Hospitality Interior Design

Our Innvision Hospitality Design Group (IHDG) is our in-house, interior design group that primarily focus on your branded hotel, select service properties. We ensure the brand and client’s vision is thoroughly coordinated, documented and installed well for the ultimate guest experience.

Hospitality Interior Design Services

Innvision Hospitality Design Group (IHDS) is our in-house, design group that caters to predominantly Select Service properties and prototype implementation type of projects.

ID Studio, Innvision Design Studio, is our studio of creative, out of the box designers, that predominantly focus on custom design projects. 

Preliminary Planning Phase

It is important to start each project off with a full understanding of the project scope, client priorities and expectations. We need to help identify concerns and establish a partnership with the entire project team. Because of our vast experience, we are able to help resolve any issues we see at this early stage as well as help to establish a project schedule and assist with developing a Responsibility Matrix so each team member of the project understands each disciplines scope and responsibilities.

Understanding the brand’s expectations for submittal and design review is crucial towards having a successful and smooth brand review process.  

We expect our designer’s to properly organize our construction documentation for ease of reviews for both the client and brands. Once we have assisted with putting together design recommendations, understand the building (whether new build or renovation), we ensure furniture and finishes are drawn according to the specifications, modify as needed, verify the electrical, lighting and plumbing is coordinated and so forth, we finalize our documents. We also want to be working with procurement to ensure the client approved & expected budget is as expected.  

Once our design package is approved, which includes the FF&E specification manual, indexes, matrices, schedules and design drawings, we submit to the brand with strict adherence to the brand’s submission standards. Throughout the review and approval process, we maintain close communication with our client and discuss any further direction as the need arises. It is important we keep our procurement team in the loop on all of the process, as well as making sure we are all in agreement on quantities for install. 

During this phase, we review and supervise all design FFE submittals and RFIs, samples and cuttings to ensure all items have been approved, coordinated and as documented. We can participate in weekly or monthly status calls and conduct site visits as needed or expectedWe assist our procurement team throughout the process.

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Hotel Furnishings Vendor

One of the biggest sources of stress during the design process is dealing with vendors. The Innvision Hospitality Design Team helps you every step of the way, from determining contractor qualifications to reviewing budgets. Offering you expert advice and a commensurate experience of over 125 years, our team makes sure you get the best value for your budget.

IHDG Services

  • Planning& Design Selections as needed for Prototrpy Implementation Projects
  • Brand Guideline Review
  • Schematic Design & Design Development Phases
  • Design Implementation
  • Site Visits 
  • CAD background creation
“In our industry, selecting the right design and procurement team plays a vital role. We were thrilled when Innvision and their team visualized the design and implemented the new Formula Blue package, which resulted in a vibrant and fresher look for our hotel. That was not only beyond our expectations but the expectation for our IHG Colleagues.”
- Noman Qamar

Innvision Hospitality Design In Action


What You Need to Know Before Furnishing a Hotel

Hospitality interior design and hotel furnishings are vital to your hotel’s success, but the process of design planning and finding vendors is complex. We’ve got you covered with this definitive guide that tells you:

  • How to choose the right vendors and manufacturers
  • Top tips on timeline and scheduling
  • Benefits of teaming up with an FF&E procurement company