What’s New in Hotel Fabrics for 2020

What’s New in Hotel Fabrics for 2020

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From window treatments to upholstered furniture, it’s difficult to find a hotel area that doesn’t make use of fabrics. Evolving style trends and technological advancements alike are changing the way hospitality sectors select and apply the mainstay material. Read on to see what you can expect from hotel fabrics from this year:

Luxury Look Made Hotel-Friendly

Savvy designers are finding cost-efficient ways to bring a luxurious look to hotel fabrics, while keeping durability in mind, to boot. 

Velvet gives off a ritzy aesthetic and feel, but the fabric is both expensive and not fit to withstand frequent usage that occurs in hospitality environments. Many properties are instead using velveteen or velour (or a combination of the two), which have a similar velvet look without compromising durability. Some brands have used a blend of different materials such as polyester, rayon, and cotton while making sure to include viscose which gives fabric an ultra-soft feel.

Selecting hand-made artisan fabrics such as crocheted or hand-sewn textiles is an up-and-coming design trend. However, these pieces are extremely high-priced and lack durability. Hoteliers are homing in on this trend without its drawbacks by taking the unique designs and printing them on several different types of base cloths. The kind of base cloth they choose depends on the application, with plenty of options available, including nylon, polyester, cotton, and others.

Fashion-Forward Fabrics

Much of what’s popular in fabric design today follows the trends of the fashion industry. Statement-making patterns such as animal print, large floral prints, and abstract patterns that mimic the look of paint are big right now. While fabric patterns may be bold, trending colors are less so. Soft tones such as dusty rose are coming back into style while neutral colors like grey are still a mainstay. Hotel seating often has a combination of wild and mild, which might pair a toned-town sofa with lively accent pillows.

Built to Last

Growing technology is making fabrics more durable than ever, with finish applications giving fabrics of all kinds a longer lifespan. Particularly useful for fabrics placed in areas with frequent food and beverage usage, these finishing products protect textiles from discoloration, mal odor, stains, and the elements. Nanotex is a well-known finishing brand that prevents water-based stains from setting in. Alta, also referred to as “Applied Textiles”, is a relatively new brand making waves in the hospitality industry that infuses fabrics with their product to repel oil-based and water-based stains. Applied Textiles provide the liberty to specify from a wide variety of textiles with confidence that each fabric will hold up well within your property’s spaces. With so many different finish types available and a variety of reputable companies from which to purchase, it’s easy to make your hotel’s fabrics last for the long-haul.

New designs and applications are transforming both the look and function of hotel textiles. Make sure your property is equipped with the latest and greatest that hospitality fabrics have to offer by reaching out to the design and procurement specialists at Innvision!