FF&E Procurement

We are client advocates - your advocate. We're your guide at every
step to ensure the smoothest process and best project outcome.

FF&E Procurement Services

Nationwide Consultants

We will meet with you face-to-face at your hotel site. We will become more familiar with you, your brand, and your hotel in order to offer the best products, services, and individual care for you. After thousands of successful projects, we have the experience to be able to identify and solve small issues before they become big problems. We handle everything from planning to execution, managing communication between all project stakeholders.

Credit & Financing

Innvision stands apart as one of the only hospitality purchasing companies to offer credit terms to qualifying clients. We want to make your dream happen. You don’t need more on your plate, so our financial professionals ensure your project accounting runs smoothly. From tracking payments and budgeting, to reconciling invoices, to submitting documentation to your financial institutions, we’ll take the headache out of finances. 

Project Management

Our project management team deals with budgeting, vendor selection, ordering, shipping, receiving, and delivery coordination for smooth project execution. To reduce your stress, you’ll have a field-based design and procurement consultant working with your hotel to arrange orders and vendors. Additionally, a project manager, financial analyst, and project logistics representative will take responsibility for your project and organize every step for success.


Our Project Logistics team is dedicated to helping everything run smoothly. They’ll establish a punch list for each project, develop a timeline, and work with manufacturers to ensure products arrive when needed. They’ll also work with general managers and installers through the delivery process to make sure your project is done on time and on budget. We’re on point until the entire punch list is complete, even acting as a liaison and advocate for you where necessary to get any issues resolved. 

Proven Results

FF&E Services with Innvision

Our approach has been proven on thousands of projects bringing peace of mind to our clients. We start by establishing project’s goals, budget, and timeline in order to create a winning design that will gain brand approval and increase revenue. We build a step-by-step operational plan and serve as your trusted advisors at every phase, from credit application to delivery and resupply needs over the years.

Construction & Renovation Planning

After thousands of successful projects, we have the experience to be able to identify and solve small issues before they become big problems.

FF&E Experts

Our years of experience and industry connections have earned us expert knowledge of the best brands, vendors, and products for your property.

Management & Coordination

We handle everything from planning to execution, managing communication between all project stakeholders.

We're brand standards experts who serve:

Project Quality & Value

Whether it’s a first-time furnishing or a property refresh, FF&E procurement can cause overwhelming stress and bring lots of questions: Is it worth it? How do I know which products will give me the highest ROI? What can and/or will go wrong?

With Innvision, you know…

  • The project will satisfy design requirements.
  • FF&E products will be brand approved.
  • You will get the best quality and value.
  • Hotel revenue will increase.

Hospitality Project Experts

Brand Requirements

Whether it’s a property refresh or a simple replacement, it’s important to find a supplier that can match your established brand requirements. However, it can be challenging to determine which suppliers are able to successfully accommodate the current style and design of your hotel.

At Innvision, we have product specialists who have expert knowledge on resupply FF&E so you can quickly and easily satisfy brand requirements.

1: Design Phase

During this phase, our design and procurement teams work together to establish a budget, generate a timeline, satisfy brand requirements, and cover everything needed to create a vision and plan for your project.

2: Quote Phase

In this step, we will walk you through everything from the credit application to vendor selection, all with the goal of organizing final costs to stay on budget and exceed your expectations.

3: Execution Phase

The final phase will get your project across the finish line with a team that places the orders and guides you through the shipping, delivery, and installation schedule for a timely opening.

No-Stress Supervision

Amidst the complications of construction and renovation, you run the risk of mixed up or missing orders, errors in architectural plans, products not fitting properly, and many other issues – all of which could result in a delayed opening and higher costs. 

Innvision takes charge of the details and acts as your guide and support. You can put your energy elsewhere and rest easy knowing you have a partner who has it covered. 


8 Questions You Must Answer When Choosing An FF&E Procurement Provider

There are a lot of options when you’re deciding who should help with your FF&E procurement. Do you know the question to ask to make sure you choose the right one?

Our free guide has you covered! We break down all the areas you need to consider to make sure you have a successful project. Get the guide now!