What You Need to Know About Meeting Hotel Brand Requirements

What You Need to Know About Meeting Hotel Brand Requirements

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With property improvement plans, brand mandated updates, and frequent inspections taking place, following a franchise’s FF&E specifications is an ongoing demand for hotel owners. Failing to meet brand standards could result in having to make costly and time-consuming replacements and other potential issues, so you’ll want to be sure you get it right the first time.

Negotiating With Your Brand

There may be certain instances where a hotelier cannot adhere to exact timelines or specifications from their brand. In this case, a negotiation must occur between the hotelier or procurement agency and the franchise to reach a solution. A hotel owner who cannot obtain a specific brand-required product due to unforeseen complications may submit a variance request for replacement using a similar item.

Differentiating Your Property

Though some flags are incredibly strict in their standards, sticking to the specs doesn’t always have to be cookie-cutter if your brand allows room for customization. Many franchisors offer flexibility in artwork selections so that properties can add some regional flair and implement local immersion in their design schemes. Prototypical FF&E can also receive a semblance of customization through laminate and upholstery colors, for instance, while maintaining the flag-mandated style of casegoods. However, hoteliers must submit any variations to their brand for approval.

The Importance of an Established Procurement Partner

There are many complexities to brand standards, but hoteliers must follow them to a T. Adhering to a flag’s requirements demands a deep comprehension of FF&E and how hotel specifications work. From knowing the proper language to use in submittals and variation requests to reviewing property improvement plans and ensuring successful implementation, a hospitality procurement provider takes care of every minute detail so that hoteliers are free to handle their core responsibilities.

Innvision Hospitality advocates for hoteliers by acting as a liaison between them and their brand to guarantee spec adherence, and troubleshoot any obstacles in meeting flag requirements. We utilize our vast experience with a long list of hotel brands and FF&E expertise to simplify procurement and all other aspects of hospitality projects. Reach out to Innvision today to streamline your PIPs and brand mandated updates!