How Color Trends Impact Hotel Design

Interior design and FF&E procurement for hotel projects

How Color Trends Impact Hotel Design

Color plays an essential role in design and in our lives. Within a hotel, a color scheme can set the mood of a space and influence how guests feel there – whether it be calm and relaxed, focused and energetic, or otherwise. When starting a hotel interior design and furnishings project and selecting a color scheme, there is much to keep in mind.

Here we’ll discuss how to ensure the colors you choose work with your property, its location, its atmosphere, and—most importantly—that it attracts your ideal guest.

Considerations When Adding A Trend Color

When Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and others announce their Color of the Year selections, they can influence the approach of hospitality interior designers such as those at Innvision Design Studio. So how does a hotel designer incorporate Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal or Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze into a property’s design scheme? For starters, keep in mind that a little can go a long way.

When adding a trend color to a property, we suggest being mindful that the color will not always be in style. By keeping the architectural features neutral, you can incorporate the trend color with accent items that are easy to switch out such as artwork, throw pillows, and area rugs.

As you might expect, some Color of the Year choices are easier to implement than others. Certain selections fit in well, but depend on other important factors. Considerations such as the property, its location, the hotel brand, and the hotel owner all play a role. In some cases, the Color of the Year might be a hue the hotel owner hates or one that doesn’t work with the location.

For example, say the Color of the Year is red. What if the property is located in a town whose rival team is red? Or what if the property is on the coast, making a compelling case for brighter beach colors? Variables such as these heavily influence a designer’s thought process and the selected furnishings must take them fully into account.

The Best Places To Add New Colors In A Hotel

Identifying the right parts of a property for implementation of trend colors is both an art and a science (economics). There’s more opportunity to inject new colors in the larger public areas of a hotel, such as the lobby. In these public spaces, you can replace a few pieces to refresh and create a new look as needed. The investment required for this is much smaller than it would be to change out the décor in guestrooms, which require more quantities of product.

Innvision Design Studio stays on top of the latest color trends and loves to find new, innovative, and creative ways to help clients incorporate the Color of the Year into their new construction or renovation projects. Our designers collaborate closely with clients and consider all relevant factors when developing and implementing color schemes.

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