A New View in Window Treatments

A New View in Window Treatments

new view on window shades

Hotel design doesn’t stop with the furniture and fabrics used. A large amount of thought goes into the structure of the room. One of the biggest impacts on how a space feels is the windows in the room. Hotel window treatments can let in natural light, create a welcoming feeling, and be the first thing guests notice when entering a space. Read on to see what kind of innovations are occurring in the world of window treatments:

A New View on Window Treatments

A staple from the past was having a set of heavy over drapes that blocked out light and provided a textured design. This trend has fallen to the back burner as roller shades have taken its place. Hoteliers and guests are leaning towards a more minimalistic design these days. 

Roller shades provide a functional blackout capability while preserving space surrounding the window. Things have changed since these shades first came to the market. Where they were once plain and simple, they are now patterned and textured. They’ve almost become an art piece of their own. Pair these shades with a set of light and airy sheers, and it creates a clean, open, and modern look. 

Technological advancements

When we think about windows and window treatments, we don’t usually think about technological innovation. Window treatments such as blinds and shades, however, have become more advanced in recent years. Motorized shades in rooms and lobbies are now a popular option. These shades work through a remote control and make it possible to cover tall two-story lobby windows, and make the guest space more accessible for people with disabilities. 

Motorized advancement doesn’t stop with just how the shades work; it stretches into the shade design. Digital printing allows manufacturers to print new designs, patterns, and textures directly onto window coverings. This technique enables hoteliers to follow their brand standards more closely and print brand-specific designs in their window treatments.

Technological advancements and innovation in window treatments are changing the landscape for hoteliers and design trends. Equip your property with the latest and greatest that window treatments have to offer by reaching out to the design and procurement specialists at Innvision!