How FF&E Installation Has Changed Over the Years

How FF&E Installation Has Changed Over the Years

advancements in FF&E installation

The installation of hotel furnishings may not sound very dynamic at first mention. However, it has evolved with changes in products, technology, and communications. While the process for installs has remained more or less the same, contractors’ methods and approaches have transformed with the times. 

Complex Products Require More Effort and Expertise

In the past, FF&E staples were more basic in their design, allowing contractors to mostly just set items such as dressers and nightstands in place. Many of today’s brands, however, are implementing more involved, interconnected hotel projects that demand higher levels of assembly. The increasing complexity of FF&E means that installers must both possess larger skill sets and overall knowledge. Lack of proper preparation or understanding of assembly requirements could result in the install team not having the necessary components on hand. In turn, this could lead to project delays and potential budget overruns due to unplanned labor costs. 

Installers also now need to communicate thoroughly with other parties involved in a hospitality project. Without proper advance planning, issues can arise. For example, blocking, a method used in pre-construction to install 2x lumbar within the wall to later secure headboards, artwork and mirrors, and other items, must take place prior to drywall. Essentially, the more complicated a design scheme is, the more contractors will need to collaborate. 

Growing Tech Speeds Up Processes

The emergence and subsequent prevalence of smartphones over time have streamlined communications between installers and other hotel project team members. The project team can now send and receive pertinent information needed onsite, such as assembly instructions and delivery reports, within minutes, minimizing project delays. Advancements in technology also make it quicker to submit claims with camera phones allowing contractors to capture evidence of damage and report it immediately. In addition to the smartphone’s impact on the ease of FF&E installation, apps like DocuSign and electronic product inventory allow installers to move a job along fast and seamlessly.

While new products and technologies may change the way FF&E installers work, certain aspects of hotel installs will always remain the same. Namely, proper installation requires detailed planning and preparation. Innvision Hospitality partners our experienced logistics coordinators with trusted installation experts to guarantee project success for hoteliers. Contact our design and procurement specialists today to learn more about the benefits of our end-to-end hospitality services!