FF&E Installation GuideYou can select all the right products for your hotel, but if your installation schedule doesn’t align with your timeline, your project is bound to have delays that could alter your opening date. In an end-to-end procurement project, FF&E installation may happen last but it’s certainly not least in terms of importance.

FF&E Installation Definition

FF&E installation describes the placement and/or mounting of all furnishings within a hotel, which include hangable items (ex. headboards, artwork, mirrors, window treatments) and product simply needing to be set in place (i.e., seating, lighting, mattress sets). Working with qualified, experienced hotel FF&E installers to put your furniture, fixture and equipment items in place will minimize damages, as they will have the proper equipment to move product efficiently and safely.

What Installation for FF&E Projects Includes

In addition to providing essential FF&E installation services for guest rooms and public areas, an end-to-end procurement provider connects the dots between all phases of a project to assist with cost control and keep everything on track.

A professional procurement firm will offer planning and management throughout the entire installation process in conjunction with logistics coordination. End-to-end procurement providers utilize their knowledge to create a delivery schedule based on your installation needs and the order in which you must receive and install your FF&E products.

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What to Consider about FF&E Installation

1. Plan Ahead

Start planning for your installation as early as possible. Last minute installation planning can cause unanticipated impacts to other phases of the project and ultimately add unnecessary costs and delays. The more decisions you make early in the process, the less stress there will be when it comes time to put everything in place.

2. Get the Timing Right

When it comes to FF&E installation, timing is crucial.  While we encourage early planning, we discourage starting an FF&E installation too soon, since this will likely add more steps and increase costs. The best time to begin installation is when your general contractor is 99% done, as this will eliminate multiple subcontractors getting in each other’s way. If your FF&E arrives too early, you run the risk of incurring additional storage and labor charges and possibly damage to product as a result of having to move it more than necessary. Remember: installation is a game of steps. The more steps involved, the more time you add, and ultimately the more costly the process will be overall.

3. Communicate Often

Because installation involves many different parties, frequent communication between everyone involved is vital for success. In particular, you’ll want to discuss your opening plans and process (including your operating supplies and equipment delivery schedule) with your procurement provider so you don’t overwhelm the onsite crew with too many deliveries occurring at once. You’ll also need to determine if your FF&E install team or operations team will receive your OS&E, making sure both delivery schedules are in sync.

The expert procurement and design consultants at Innvision Hospitality have the skills and industry knowledge to install your FF&E correctly and efficiently within the best timeline for your projected opening date. Reach out today to start planning the FF&E installation for your new construction or hotel renovation!