2020 Artwork and Mirror Trends in Hospitality

2020 Artwork and Mirror Trends in Hospitality

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Decor and design elements have a large impact on your property’s ambience, with artwork and mirrors being one of the main ways to achieve additional touches of flair. Technological advancements and changing interior trends have made room for exciting, new implementations of these FF&E staples:

What’s New in Hotel Artwork

Guestroom decor is seeing a shift from traditional framed artwork to in-room design features that marry function with interesting forms. Bold patterns in drapery or a graphic wall mural are popular options for adding visual interest to guestrooms in lieu of classic framed pieces. Bathrooms are another hotel area experiencing an update in design trends. In the past, hotel restrooms were somewhat lacking in decoration, but it has become more common to place artworks above toilets nowadays.

In terms of the art itself, localization is a trending theme in hospitality. Selecting pieces that incorporate elements from the surrounding area more fully immerses guests in their travel destination. From scenic photography to abstract murals hinting at state or city landmarks, finding ways to bring local color to artwork helps properties differentiate themselves from others under the same flag.

What’s New in Hotel Mirrors

Many hotels are moving away from plain mirrors below vanity lights in favor of electric mirrors. This increasingly prominent mirror type illuminates from the sides, top, or entire surrounding of the reflective surface. Electric mirrors’ built-in lighting eliminates shadows cast from hanging light fixtures and provides a more even brightness level for makeup application and other guest needs.

Emerging hotel technologies are also impacting mirror trends, with some high-scale properties implementing video and touch-screen capabilities directly on the surface of mirrors. These cutting edge mirrors allow guests to make personal requests such as room service orders or to stream media with ease. Such interfaces typically take place on the lower part of mirrors so that the surface maintains usability for its primary purpose.

In many cases, artwork and mirrors are beginning to intertwine further. In addition to functional mirrors, there has been a rise in more decorative reflective surfaces, such as round hanging mirrors with leather support straps.

The right artwork and mirror selections have the power to pull your entire design scheme together while adding fun visual interest and offerings for guests. Reach out to Innvision Hospitality today for guidance on your property’s FF&E design and procurement!