hospitality top of bed trends

The bed is a significant focal point in a hotel room. Having a well designed top of bed can go a long way towards creating a comfortable and pleasant stay for guests. 


Comfortability is a huge factor when guests consider hotel choices. After a long day of work or traveling, we all look forward to laying down on a perfect mattress covered with clean, soft, and cozy sheets. Meeting these expectations contributes to a memorable stay and solidifies a positive brand identity. Put simply, guests are more likely to choose your hotel over another if your top of bed is high quality. 

When it comes to beds, the mattress is vital. Having a mattress that is clean, durable and universally comfortable is oftentimes the most important part of a guest’s stay. Trends in mattresses stem from the technological advancements in fabric and material. Memory beds and high-density foam have become popular choices for hotel management due to their resiliency and support that provides continuous comfort for every guest that visits. Visit this article to see what mattresses have become popular in hotel design.

Textures and Prints

The use of textures and patterns can make for beautiful sheets and pillows. Currently having a clean and minimal design is popular in hospitality, so you’ll find a lack of pattern used on hotel sheets. The goal is to keep sheets simple, neutral and minimalistic to avoid clashing with the rest of the room. Some sheets may feature natural organic textures such as ribbing, to catch the eyes of guests. Others might include embroidered details, such as a white duvet with a thick embroidered border to create a finished and classic look. 

When it comes to top of bed design, color usually presents itself in the bedding accessories. Throw pillows can feature bolder patterns and textures for a more embellished look. Bright accent colors in throw pillows or blankets can create dimension. A design aspect that remains popular in top of bed accents is integrating brand graphics and patterns into the throw pillows or bed scarves. This application can add a pop of color to your bedding and further emphasize your hotel brand. 

A hotel mattress does way more than just keep a guest comfortable. A nice pair of sheets provides more than just warmth. The goal of top of bed design is to establish a comfortable, luxurious, and clean atmosphere that communicates your brand identity and, in turn, builds mutual loyalty with your guests. Specializing in hospitality design, Innvision implements the latest top of bed trends and has mastered essential elements that help create an amazing stay for guests. Contact Innvision Hospitality today to select, design, and procure a top of bed that works with your design scheme and budget.