vanity hospitality trends

The latest trends in design are always evolving, and this is true for hospitality countertops. It may seem simple, but a countertop is a subtle, but important part of a hotel room. When choosing the right type of countertop, it’s important to consider style, structure, and materials. Using different materials in a room can transform an entire setting and create a welcoming environment for guests. Let’s focus on the bathroom vanity as we take a deeper look.  

Minimalism is a common design theme in today’s world. Whether it be a clean, organized closet or a room with minimal furniture, this trend is taking over the hospitality industry. It seems that having less is more. This idea is present in the bathroom vanity. Gone are the days when crowded sinks with decor and amenities attracted guests. Now, having a minimalistic vanity emphasizes more space and cleanliness. Even the structure itself has taken on this trend! Floating vanities are contemporary and create an illusion that is eye-catching and impressive. With all this simplicity, try injecting a bold piece of sink hardware to make the bathroom pop.

For some brands, it may be better to utilize a stone countertop. Stone takes a beautiful, unique place in design elements. When working with stone, it often comes down to the colors, textures, and types you choose that determine your desired look. Not only do stone countertops provide a beautiful, natural look, they are also durable in wet areas. Quartz is highly popular these days, though, it’s difficult to purchase due to tariffs. When running into this rocky situation, you may want to try a marble countertop instead. Marble is a great alternative to quartz. It provides a timeless look that shines and pairs well with most decor. For bathroom vanities, you can’t go wrong with a slab of marble!

If you desire an even more natural look that emphasizes wood-like tones, millwork can be appealing. The versatility of millwork allows designers to customize and manipulate countertops to match their desired look. It can be sleek, textured, natural, modern, vintage, etc. One of the latest trends is pairing millwork with metal accents. On your next millwork vanity, try adding dimension by using metallic frames or hardware. 

Don’t undervalue a well-designed countertop. Choosing the right type of material can make or break the design of a room. Whether you’re creating a minimalistic or traditional style room, your countertops should seamlessly intertwine with the rest of your room and decor to create a welcoming, comfortable experience for guests. Contact Innvision Hospitality today to select and procure a vanity that works with your design scheme and budget.