Technology Advances in Today’s Hotel FF&E

Technology Advances in Today’s Hotel FF&E

From satellite tracking of production shipments to mobile check-in with digital keys to robots delivering meals, the hotel industry is abuzz with innovation. Consumers are growing more dependent on new tools and the efficiency they bring, which makes technology critical to the FF&E industry. 

These days, everyone wants products faster and faster. This is true of hotel furnishings also, since the sooner a hotel can open after a project, the sooner it can sell rooms and bring in revenue.

In this post, you will learn about the technological advances in today’s hotel FF&E and how they are playing a role in everything from production to the final guest experience.

Hotel FF&E Technology: Then and Now

Before manufacturing automation, everything was handmade. Today’s technology has exponentially changed the process and speed of manufacturing. For example, shuttleless looms have shortened production times and sharpened prices through efficiency gains for fabrics and carpets. In addition, CNC and routing machines have considerably reduced furniture manufacturer lead times.

Many companies had to become creative when the pandemic effectively shut down the world. This sped up the rate of technological advancement across countless industries. For example, labor shortages for production and distribution were the most significant challenge for manufacturers, so they looked to recover service levels with automation technology to help fill the void.

Hotel FF&E Technology Advances

Flooring manufacturers (specifically carpet) push the envelope with expedited graphic design, printing processes, and new dyeing applications. In addition, Smart TVs have taken over our homes and hotel rooms. Some brands are going as far as creating “smart hotels” where a guest’s mobile device can control room door locks, lighting, room temperatures, window treatments, televisions, and even room service. 

Logistics carriers rely on technology for faster and trackable delivery to their clients. Likewise, freight companies rely heavily on many technological advancements utilizing satellites, RFID chips, and AI advancements with website tracking capabilities, to name just a few. All of this increasing sophistication also helps the transportation industry deliver product to the job site more reliably and efficiently.

Technology & Innvision

At Innvision, we look for innovative FF&E manufacturers who are working on new concepts to deliver improved products and speed-to-market. We also work with producers that use technology to create inspiring designs with great quality. Regarding logistics, we must be able to track product through the manufacturing and shipping processes to provide our clients with timely updates and keep to our project schedules.

We also spend a lot of time improving our own technology platforms so that clients can have a seamless transition from our design software to proposals, to execution of contracts, to tracking of projects, to bill paying, and more.

To see the benefits of technology in action for your next hotel project, connect with us!