Hotel Design Trends & Products from HD Expo 2023

Hotel Design Trends & Products from

HD Expo 2023

At Innvision, we are always on the lookout for emerging industry trends and timeless designs. That’s why we attend industry expos – to see new products, connect with clients, learn more about vendors, and bring back the best for our clients.

Recently, our team attended the annual 2023 HD Expo + Conference. As the event website explains, it’s “the most comprehensive U.S. hospitality event of its kind” and “features the latest products and innovations from leading manufacturers, and educational insight from industry visionaries and rising stars alike.”

In this post, you’ll learn what was newsworthy at HD Expo and which trends and products caught our eye for our clients’ hotel construction or renovation projects.

HD Expo 2023: What’s Trending

This year, we saw curvilinear forms and a continued focus on health and wellness. The Scandinavian style is still very on-trend, and hospitality textures and styles overall have come a long way towards having more of a residential feel.

Innovations included vendors featuring carpeting created to look like a hand-woven rug, as well as interesting concrete uses in wall panels, furniture, and lighting.

We noticed an increase in the presence of eco-friendly designs with an environmental focus and muted earth tones and colors. The popularity of designs that reflect nature, such as leaves, natural colors, organic patterns, and even mushrooms, continues to rise. Biophilic influences are still evident and may be here to stay with the greater emphasis on creating healthier interior spaces.

New vendors are making waves in the industry by offering a fresh perspective on hotel designs.

HD photo 2

HD Expo 2023: New Product Features

Our team saw two exciting products at the HD Expo this year: 

#1: Water Vapor Fire Places

A water vapor fireplace is an electric fireplace that uses cold water vapor and LEDs to create a realistic flame illusion. 

This new technology is safe, does not generate carbon monoxide, and is a green alternative to other fireplaces (wood, gas, ethanol, etc.).

#2: Amtrend’s Movable Sculpture Bench 

This fun bench concept caught our attention for its uniqueness and versatility.

HD Expo 2023: Spec Writing

This year’s agenda included a new event, the HD University, which the Innvision team attended. It was well worth the day learning about how to write better FF&E specifications from the viewpoint of hotel brands, owners, and operators, product manufacturers, and interior designers practicing in the field.

Specification writing is one of the most important functions a designer will undertake since a spec must communicate the design intent to both the procurement consultants and FF&E manufacturers. A well-written specification is integral to maintaining quality, ensuring pricing is accurate to the budget objective, and ultimately providing the intended product that will perform as desired.

Brand-Aligned Design

Here at Innvision, we stay on top of evolving guest needs, industry trends, and brand guidelines while looking for showstopping FF&E pieces that will make your hotel stand out. We also focus on how to write FF&E specifications to ensure the final product will meet expectations. To learn more about how we can help you with your next hotel design and procurement project, reach out!