Hotel Lighting Tips & Trends

Hotel Lighting Tips & Trends

No matter the style or design of your hotel, there’s always an intention for how you want your guests to feel when they visit. Lighting isn’t simply for functionality; it plays a crucial role in creating your desired atmosphere, amplifying the beauty of your space, and bringing your hotel design to life.

In this post, Innvision Design Studio will share the latest lighting trends in the hotel industry and offer a professional design perspective to help guide you in creating your hotel’s atmosphere through lighting selections.

Hotel Lighting Tips

Lighting design in a hotel can make or break a space. It can define spaces, highlight focal points, and create a welcoming environment, or it can be harsh, fall flat, or overflood a room.

Lighting even has physical and biological effects on a person. It has proven to activate the brain, impact mood, and affect sleep.

Lighting designers are specialists in determining the quantity of light, intensity, color quality, temperature, brightness, and direction of lighting needed to enhance your design and evoke the desired emotions in your guests.

  • Quantity: Extra lighting is required for registration areas, workspaces, and areas where reading is involved such as reading a restaurant menu. In contrast, decorative lights can do the job with lower outputs.
  • Intensity: Dialing in the proper intensity of lighting is crucial in creating a calm and welcoming environment for a guest.
  • Color Quality: Light layering, or using multiple sources of light, combines foundational ambient lighting with task, accent, and/or decorative lighting. When coordinated well, each fixture, bulb, and/or light source plays a different role in how colors and designs appear.
  • Brightness: The ambient lighting of a room is meant to add depth and warmth. Although it is the primary source of lighting, a space may appear dull if only lit with ambient light.
  • Direction: The addition of accent lighting gives life and emphasis to a space that can create a specific atmosphere, a bit of drama, or bring attention to a certain area or focal point.
  • Temperature: The temperature of lighting ranges from cool to warm. Cool lighting is used to enhance focus and productivity and create an active environment. It can also increase serotonin levels of employees and enhance the efficiency of the entire workforce. Warm lighting can be soothing and relaxing.

Hotel Lighting Trends

Lighting creates ambiance and ties together a room’s overall design, making it an important part of the interior design of a hotel. The focus on lighting has increased over the years as new products and options have evolved.

Below are four hotel lighting trends that we’re seeing:

  1. Eco-Friendly Lighting: Hotels are striving to become more eco-friendly across the board, and lighting is simply following this larger trend. This is giving way to energy-saving and efficient lighting options that are efficient and welcoming.
  2. Geometric Lighting: Geometric lighting fixtures are trending, as they add a touch of modern, clean-lined elegance to a space. They draw the eye with their shape, finish, and even shadows.
  3. Warm Lighting: The pandemic started a movement in the hotel industry to create a “home away from home” environment. Warm lighting is inviting and cozy, and a perfect way to encourage guests to sit back and relax.
  4. Vintage and Industrial Lighting: This trend is continuing from previous years, with its bold, rustic, and somewhat edgy aesthetic containing materials such as piping, brass, driftwood, and glass.

Hotel Lighting Design

At Innvision, we start by understanding the atmosphere you wish to create for your guests and work to make it a reality with expert lighting design. We work with lamp and lighting manufacturers who offer inspiring designs and great quality so your hotel can have that unforgettable “wow” factor that keeps guests coming back.

If you’d like to see what a timeless, functional lighting design can do to enhance your hotel’s atmosphere, connect with us!