The Hotel Owner’s Guide to Linens & Terry

The Hotel Owner’s Guide to Linens & Terry

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When it comes to comfort, touch is one of the most influential senses. Linens and terry see more physical interaction from guests than almost any other guestroom item, so getting the texture and softness just right is paramount to providing a relaxing hotel stay. 

All the Latest in Linens

Cotton-based blends are widely preferred for hotel linens as they’re readily available and tend to be the industry standard for bedding. Trends for luxury brands, however, are seeing a rise in the use of eco-friendly materials like bamboo and eucalyptus, which have a softer feel, bring a cooling effect to sheets, and make linens hypoallergenic. 

In terms of design, top of bed is becoming more minimalist, making top sheets the main decorative element. Designers are implementing a variety of textures such as small checkered patterns or alternating lines in top sheets so that they’re not just functional, but also ornamental to make up for the lack of bedding accessories.

Terry Trends

Popular materials for towels can differ depending on the type of property. For instance, higher-end hotels typically invest in 100% cotton towels. While more expensive than a blend, full-on cotton terry has a softer feel, and a larger loop spun for better water absorbency and longevity. 

Economy and midscale properties may opt for a polyester-cotton blend for towels. However, more and more hotels of this nature are moving towards either 100% cotton terry or a higher concentration of cotton for a more plush texture and better overall guest experience. You can still find lower-end polyester blended towels in pool areas and fitness facilities, but hotels have been stepping up the quality of guestroom towels as a whole.

New Ways to Wash

One of the most notable changes to linens and terry cloth towels alike is the advancement in washing capabilities. New cleaning chemicals that don’t involve bleach are on the rise. They use an oxidation process to release stains, making the washing process much gentler on fabrics, and improving longevity. 

In the past, most washes happened on the same cycle. Now there are high-tech machines with set programs for each specific item that add the perfect amount of chemicals, softener, and stain-fighting agents for the fabric in question. Procedural systems for washing machines have greatly improved to make the washing cycles for particular fabrics more efficient. 

High usage of linens and towels require them to not only be cushy but built to withstand daily wear and washes. No matter which end of the spectrum your property falls under, Innvision will help you find the perfect FF&E and OS&E selections for must-have hotel products. Reach out today to streamline your hotel project’s procurement!