design tips for hotel guestrooms

Guaranteeing a comfortable stay at your property starts with well-equipped guestrooms whose design and procurement factor in travelers’ many changing needs. Comfort, cleanliness, and flexibility are must-have aspects of any hotel guestroom, no matter what plans your guests have on deck for their vacation.

Key Elements of Guestroom Design & Procurement [Infographic]Comfort

A guestroom’s primary purpose is sleep, so every aspect of design and procurement should be tailored to aiding in a good night’s rest. The most significant item to consider is the bed and everything on it. Mattresses can make or break a guest’s comfort, so be sure not to skimp on quality. You’ll also want to provide a variety of pillows in multiple firmness levels to appeal to people’s differing preferences. Reduce any outside noise that can cause a disturbance with sound-absorbing FF&E, such as padded carpets and acoustical casepieces beyond TVs. Pay attention to light leakage, too, with properly fitting blinds and window treatments that effectively blocks out the sun’s rays when guests want to sleep in.


Many people have reservations about resting their heads outside of their homes. One of the best ways to alleviate guests’ initial misgivings on travel is by providing a visibly clean environment throughout guest suites. Everything in a room should appear spotless and touchable. Choosing materials that are resistant to marring and easily maintained will make things easier on housekeeping while helping to engender a “never used” sort of feel for your rooms. Plush, white linens also create a very hygienic, fresh atmosphere that relaxes guests on sight.

Flexibility Beyond Rest

Though sleep is a guestroom’s first priority, it’s essential that design and procurement also promote other common activities such as work and relaxation. In the age of a million different devices used daily, rooms must feature plugs and ports in every area where guests sit or lay. Make sure these ports have enough juice to charge devices quickly for travelers with tight schedules who are often on the go. Guestrooms also require a desk area large enough to support a laptop and mouse for convenient working spaces. Include a comfy, ergonomically sound task chair at each desk and plenty of flexible lighting options that lend towards productivity.

Even perfect public spaces won’t make up for a subpar guestroom. As the biggest draw of your property, it’s vital that you thoroughly address these guestroom design and procurement elements to provide the best guest experience possible. Innvision Hospitality, with our in-house design team, ID Studio, keeps guest needs top of mind in our procurement and design processes. Contact us today to create guestrooms that exceed expectations!