New Wallcovering Trends for 2020

New Wallcovering Trends for 2020

hospitality wallcovering design trends

From both a spatial and a design standpoint, walls are one of the most significant components of a hotel. Wallcovering selections have a big impact on your property’s look and functional capabilities. Catch up on the latest wallcovering trends to implement visually impressive and operationally sound designs for your hotel’s structural elements: 

Making a Statement

Wallcoverings have transitioned from serving as neutral backgrounds for other feature design elements to becoming art pieces of their own. Eye-catching focal walls in choice areas such as behind the bed or front desk are now mainstream in hospitality. Digital wallcoverings or graphic murals are a popular option for statement wallcoverings. 

As a whole, designs for wallcoverings are growing bolder. Large patterns and heavy textures are back in style, as are flashier material selections like metallics. Hospitality designers are also bringing dimension to hotel walls for a structured, architectural look that begs guests’ attention.

Organic Touch

Biophilia has been a reigning hotel design trend as of late, and we see its impression in wallcoverings. Organic influences are popping up in a wide variety of wallcovering elements. Neutral hues like beige and colors inspired by nature, such as Pantone’s ocean-esque color of the year, Classic Blue, are a current mainstay for backdrop walls. Texture and patterns for wallcoverings bring nature indoors with florals and grasscloth. With regard to focal walls, a living green wall can be a stand-out feature that manifests biophilic design.

Form Meets Function

More and more hotels are considering the functional attributes of their wallcoverings in addition to aesthetics. For example, perforated wall vinyl has become a staple for properties in areas with high humidity, since the product breathes well and prevents mildew-causing moisture buildup. Felt acoustical panels are a great option for sound absorption while also aiding in creating a three-dimensional effect on walls. Certain properties are implementing entire walls made of dry erase boards in meeting rooms for a unique focus wallcovering with purpose. 

While keeping your property up-to-date with current design styles is important, ensuring proper implementation of wallcoverings is even more essential. When selecting and installing new wallcoverings, you’ll need to work with a knowledgeable, responsible designer that fully comprehends fire codes, brand standards, and other necessary hotel elements. Reach out to ID Studio today for wallcoverings that meet the mark in both aesthetics and operations!