Benefits of Hiring A Hospitality Designer

Hospitality design is a special market.

From guest rooms and lobbies with a ‘residential’ feel to bars and restaurants with F&B elements, plus conference centers and office areas, fitness centers, spas and pools, and even exterior terraces, there’s a lot to cover.

These days, working with an experienced hotel designer is a must when designing or redesigning a property. In addition to the highly technical knowledge and approach a good hotel designer brings, he/she understands the architecture and individual needs of each room, including exactly how FF&E products will function and fit in the space.

What You Get Working With a Hospitality Designer

A hotel designer’s primary responsibility is to create design concepts for hotels and see that design through to its development. However, hiring a hospitality designer has a few additional benefits:

They Know What to Avoid

While certain areas may seem to parallel residential design, the needs of a hotel are far different.

The unfortunate reality is hotel guests abuse every element of a property, and it takes experience to know the pitfalls. Hotel designers are experts at the following:

  • Considering staff needs. A straightforward design makes it easier to deliver impeccable service. Your designer should ensure all areas are accessible enough so any cleaning can be accomplished without difficulty.
  •  Understanding regional concerns. Beachfront resorts have different needs than downtown city hotels, and your designer should know how the local environment may impact design selections. From saltwater air corroding plated metal parts to suntan lotion staining upholstery fabrics, a hospitality designer should specify products that work for your location requirements.
  • Anticipating guest desires. Modern hotel guests travel with multiple devices, so knowing how to incorporate power outlets is more critical than ever. Are your outlets visible? Can guests charge more than one item? These are just a few examples of questions your designer should consider when designing for the guest experience.

An experienced hospitality designer will make your hotel accessible for guests and staff alike.

They Speak Your Language

To ensure your project is successful, a hospitality designer produces and/or reviews scaled drawings, works within ADA guidelines and building codes as it relates to your furniture, applies brand standards, and assures budget expectations are met. They keep their finger on the pulse of the project, coordinating with architects and MEP consultants, procurement specialists, general contractors, and manufacturers every step of the way.

They Understand The Space

Concurrent with physical site visits, most designers mentally walk through a space as they design, thinking of every turn through a corridor and how a guest might wander through the different areas.

Experienced hospitality designers also know how to design a hotel on a programmatic level. Space adjacencies that improve guest perception and increase staff efficiency are integral to the success of a project. Everything is placed and designed with intent.

Special Tip: Bring a designer onto your project as early as possible. If you’re working with an architect with limited hospitality experience, a hotel designer can help rearrange the schematic plans to fit your needs better.  

Why Not Hire a Decorator?

An experienced hospitality designer is a far cry from a decorator. In addition to a knowledge and passion for design, hotel designers must also have an understanding of ADA guidelines and building codes.

The height of a desk or vanity and the clearance underneath, the bottom of the reflective surface of a mirror, and the switch on a lamp are basic elements every hospitality designer takes into consideration when working on a project. If your designer doesn’t know these items off the top of their head, you might need a new designer.

Our Design Process

At Innvision Hospitality, we are fully committed to seeing your hotel’s design all the way through to completion, from procurement and installation to everything in between!

Teaming up with Innvision Design Studio, our in-house interior design boutique, we utilize combined expertise to guide you through which products and design schemes are the best fit for your needs. Our designers will work with you to conceive custom designs tailored to your exact specifications.  

Want to know more about the benefits of working with a hospitality designer? Just ask! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new construction or hotel renovation project. Reach out to us today.