luxury hospitality design

While there are plenty of ways for select-service properties to emulate the look and feel of a high-end hotel, there are certain design elements featured in luxury hotels that typical design and procurement cannot match. Creating a sense of extravagance comes down to detail, quality, and originality.

Quality Products

One of the biggest differentiators in luxury hotel design is the quality and craftsmanship of FF&E. While there are plenty of cost-efficient material alternatives available to provide a refined look, such as laminate that gives off the appearance of wood, these selections won’t be able to match the refined and upgraded quality level that authentic materials provide.

It’s not just the materials that distinguish impressive FF&E, though. Top-tier casegoods and furniture will also have a high level of detail in their production. Comfort and durability set luxury hotel furniture apart from others. While it may be easy to find alternative fabric and material selections that mirror the look of high-end products, there is no substitute for excellent craftsmanship and high quality.

Attention to Detail

Small design touches can make a big impact on a property’s overall feel. Considering all aspects of design – not just the obvious ones, such as FF&E selections – awards another layer to your hotel’s design scheme. Adding in some unexpected frill to your furniture through unique cabinet hardware or trim on drapery elevates a piece’s elegance.

Intentional consideration of typically overlooked hotel areas such as ceilings is another way that luxury properties differentiate themselves from select-service ones. Wall paneling and millwork are examples of details that may not be necessary to pull a scheme together, but provide more depth to a property’s ambiance. The more thought that goes into the hotel’s design and interior architecture, in aspects both large and small, the more high-end it will appear.

Stand-Out Artwork

Both the type of artwork and their display are distinctive in luxury hotels. Three-dimensional pieces like sculptures or screens with specialty finishes are popular options for public spaces. Prints are still a mainstay in high-end guestrooms, but the pieces tend to feature works from local artists rather than stock photography and the intent is to look more in-line with what you would expect from a well-traveled guest’s home. The framing of these artworks also differs from those in focused-service hotels. Unique framing such as floating frames or even printing to wood or acrylic gives printed artwork a more polished look. If the piece is framed, it is most likely framed in real wood and has matting and a fillet around the image for extra detail.

By using authentic materials, ensuring that all FF&E is high quality, and regarding all details of a property, luxury hotels set themselves apart by providing a one-of-a-kind experience in both design and service levels. Don’t forget that having extra services is expected at a luxury hotel. Guest bed turndown service in the evening, room service, and even a private butler or spa services in your room are some extravagant differentiators one can expect during a stay at a luxury property.

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