What makes a good FF&E procurement provider?

Furnishing a hotel is a complex process. While making the right FF&E selections is imperative to the outcome, procurement is only the beginning of a hotel project. Once purchase orders go out to manufacturers, you’ll need deliveries and installation to go smoothly for a successful opening. 

With so much to plan for and plenty of unforeseen circumstances that can occur throughout a project, choosing a high-quality FF&E procurement provider will go a long way in your hotel renovation or new build. 

Keep the following in mind before partnering with an FF&E procurement provider to ensure they’re a good fit:

Get a Personal Feel

New construction projects take years to go from the beginning concept to the actual opening date. Therefore, your relationship with a procurement provider will be a long one, even if you only use them for a single property. Since you’ll be working closely with them, you’ll want to make sure they’re trustworthy and make you comfortable. Take the time to conduct phone calls and in-person meetings with a procurement provider and get to know its team members. You will quickly find out if they’re a good fit both professionally and personally.

Assess Their Involvement

The breadth of a hotel project extends far beyond procurement and purchasing. With so many components that go into new builds and renovations alike, you may want a hospitality procurement company that can service more of your needs in other areas, such as interior design. Inquire about a provider’s scope of services to find out how far their capabilities extend. 

Accessibility is another significant factor in the value of an FF&E procurement partner. Communication is vital throughout any hospitality project so that information travels quickly to and from all parties and stakeholders. Service-oriented FF&E procurement companies are responsive and make themselves readily available to address and correct any project complications as they arise. Some even visit the project site at key times in order to provide support when it’s needed most.

Consider Finances

The hospitality industry is a competitive field, and many procurement companies try to get the edge by offering incredibly low prices for their services. These too-good-to-be-true offers often come with a caveat, though. Assess an FF&E procurement partner’s credit score and financial stability to assure they have the funds to follow through on their promises. 

Another aspect to consider with suspiciously low pricing is whether you’re getting the full picture of what the cost of services will be. Certain procurement firms may give you a bargain price range in their quotation, only for you to discover hidden fees or additional items left off the original quotation later down the line. Determine what an FF&E procurement partner’s proposal does and does not cover so you aren’t stuck paying more than agreed upon once the final bill comes.  

Ask for References

The #1 sign of a good FF&E procurement provider is happy hoteliers. Nobody knows the quality of a procurement company’s services better than a customer who has experienced them first-hand. Speaking with a provider’s past clients will give you a better idea of their capabilities. Go a step farther in your research and request references for project types that mirror yours, so you know that a procurement provider has ample experience related to your specific hotel needs. 

Your brand, too, can be used as a reference of sorts. Many flags have a list of preferred procurement companies readily available. If an FF&E procurement provider is on your brand’s list of recommended partners, you can rest assured that they’ve gone through proper vetting.

The quality of a hospitality procurement company can make or break your hotel project. Since you’re making a sizeable investment, be thorough in your research when choosing an FF&E procurement partner to guarantee all components of your new build or reconstruction are in good hands. 

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