The Latest in Lighting for Hotels

The Latest in Lighting for Hotels

Lighting is crucial both functionally and aesthetically. In this post, you’ll learn some of the latest trends in lighting, how lighting elevates your hotel space, and some important considerations to make when it comes to lighting for your project.

How Lighting Elevates Hotel Design

Lighting provides an extra dimension to any space, allowing guests direction, accenting areas and art, and setting the mood. It’s the icing on the cake for design because it brings the interior to life. Ceiling design—accented by proper lighting—can also change the atmosphere of the space completely.

Within a hotel, lighting also helps with zoning by assisting guests in navigating the space with natural focal points to direct the eye toward public areas, the front desk, or other design elements and accents. Lighting makes a person feel at home or provides that particular “wow” factor.

Recent Trends in Lighting

Hotel designers, owners, and developers are becoming more aware of lighting design and its effects on the space and brain. We are more aware of the different color lightings and how they affect the human brain and mood and help tell a brand story.

Oversized light pendants and unique ceiling designs are all the rage, as well as geometrically-shaped fixtures. Brass or black metal has been trendy as of late for light fixtures. The younger generation loves LED strip lighting since it has a wide variety of colors to choose from, and some can even change colors.

An ongoing trend for the last few years has been vintage lighting, like exposed Edison bulbs. Another fun trend is concealed lighting, like glowing walls illuminated from the back or exposed concrete columns that glow from openings.

Lighting Design Considerations

Hotel design is all about creating the desired mood and feel. Typically, hotel designers lean toward softer, relaxing, more intimate lighting instead of harsh, overflooded, white lighting, which wakes people up and activates the brain. A hotel is meant to be where the guest can feel at home or on vacation, not on the go or anxious.

Another essential consideration is the space itself. The finishes and fixtures should align with the space’s overall design, and lighting variations can also help guests differentiate between the spaces. 

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