6 Keys to Hotel Outdoor Space Design

6 Keys to Hotel Outdoor Space Design

When designing and furnishing outdoor spaces for a lodging facility, it’s essential to consider the weather, hotel brand requirements, function of the space, surrounding aesthetics, furniture construction, and budget. In this post, you’ll learn what makes these components of outdoor space design important and some tips to make your outdoor space a beautiful success that stands the test of time both in style and utility. 

#1: Weather 

Weather is a crucial factor for choosing the kind of furnishings and finishes needed in an outdoor space. Is the weather hot and dry? Does it often rain or reach cold extremes? Is the location in a windy coastal area or a city rooftop? All of these factors make an impact on what products to select and the durability, maintenance, and upkeep factors to consider.  

#2: Brand Requirements 

Providing a flow of lounge and dining spaces from the interior to the exterior is currently popular with hotel brands. Each brand requires specific FF&E, as well as architectural features for the outdoor pools and living areas. Our team at Innvision Design Studio stays on top of brand requirement updates to ensure our clients are always on-brand.  

#3: Function 

Our designers select outdoor space furnishings and finishes based on function for the intended use. In addition, we consider size, comfort, quality, ease of maintenance, and durability. Owners and developers want luxurious outdoor spaces to function for all seasons, so we’re always looking for opportunities to make outdoor spaces multi-functional. Fireplaces, firepits, propane fire tables, heaters, bars, grills, and pools all play a part in the functionality of outdoor hotel space.   

#4: Surrounding Aesthetics 

Naturally, we want your outdoor spaces to be stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and timeless. One way we can do this is by seamlessly tying together the look of your indoor and outdoor space.  

For example, our creative team can use architectural elements or even an indoor/outdoor bar to blend the spaces. Exterior floor or wall finishes extended to the interior can bring the outdoors inside, and outdoor furnishings, fabrics, and decorative elements indoors can help tie together your overall design. 

#5: FF&E Construction 

Construction and materials in use are critical elements of outdoor hospitality design. Therefore, we select commercial grade furnishings and finishes to last through the seasons and the elements. 

For example, metal furnishings must be powder-coated aluminum (powder-coated steel will rust). Teak is a natural wood product for the outdoors, but it requires treatment and regular maintenance. Otherwise, untreated teak naturally weathers to grey. Faux teak is manufactured to look like teak with wood-like stains and is suited for environments with high humidity and extreme temperatures. Made of polymer resin, it’s easy to maintain, looks great, and is scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and UV-protected. It’s also more affordable. 

Commercial marine-grade fabrics rated for outdoor use that are stain, fade, and mildew-resistant are a must. Sling fabrics are flexible and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -22F to 158F. They are ideal for clients who want to avoid cushions, and their resilience makes them suitable for environments with chlorine or saltwater. 

Rope outdoors must be protected by PVC or a synthetic plastic polymer, and outdoor cushions are best filled with air-blown reticulated Dryfast foam, which allows air and fluid movement through the material. Otherwise, cushions filled with polyurethane foam become easily waterlogged, creating a perfect environment for unwanted mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

#6: Budget 

Design selections need to fit within the project budget. We choose reasonably priced, commercial-quality furniture from a reliable manufacturer who stands by its product that will last for years. Wear and tear, weather, and new trend styles may warrant the replacement of the furniture, but you want to get your money’s worth as much as possible when making any investment in your outdoor space. 

Innvision Design Studio has extensive knowledge and experience in creating and furnishing hotel outdoor spaces within a budget. To learn more about how we can help design your hotel’s outdoor space, contact Innvision today.