All Things Walls: Hotel Wallcovering, Paint, and Artwork

All Things Walls: Hotel Wallcovering, Paint, and Artwork

Walls lend depth to any interior space. How walls are treated—or not treated—immediately creates the architecture and setting of a hotel’s space. A good designer looks at all planes (including ceiling and floors) to ensure a well-thought-out and executed design.

In this post, you’ll learn how we think about walls for hotel design, and you’ll get some inspiration, tips, and ideas for your next hotel construction or renovation project.

Wow-Worthy Walls

Texture for walls and ceilings is a great way to really “wow” your guests.

The walls can be simple in some designs, but the ceiling can feature color, lighting, or some ornamental surprise. For example, adding wood millwork to a room adds drama or glam. Pair it with lighting—whether architecturally or decorative—and you have something unique and truly memorable. Lighting against (or through!) walls and ceilings also helps create a sense of atmosphere within a space. And don’t forget to use exterior walls to make a statement! Giant murals painted by local artists are trendy and popping up in cities both small and large worldwide.

The Latest Wall Trends

Layers and drama are trending in the hotel world and, as hospitality designers, we love this! It allows us to collaborate with

The Westin Guest Room

our clients to creatively think outside the box (or picture frame, in this case). Multimedia, 3D, recycled materials, colors, it’s all about making a statement with focal walls. After all, your architecture is considered art, as it, too, adds to your hotel’s personality.

Another trend is green walls in public spaces – these are the plant walls that are either living or realistic, but false. This biophilic design seems here to stay due to the health value of linking interiors to nature. 

2 Wall Design Tips From the Pros

Did you know that you can print just about anything on wallcovering? This can create art across an entire wall and just about any substrate.

So, think outside the picture frame and consider the entire canvas—a guestroom, restroom, or restaurant.

Secondly, all finishes, colors, and textures should work together and play off each other. But this doesn’t mean being all matchy-matchy. Add some character and don’t be afraid to make a strong statement! That statement could raise hotel awareness across social media. #instaworthy #wallart

Three Common Mistakes & Challenges

There are three common mistakes hotel owners and developers make:

1.) Going too trendy with finishes that are going to remain for longer than five years.

2.) Not getting design direction and inspiration from the hotel’s location, which results in a hotel’s design feeling disconnected from its local culture and community.

3.) Not anticipating delayed lead times for FF&E in a COVID world!

Innvision Design Studio is fully immersed in the happenings and latest trends in hospitality. We travel and have a deep understanding of what it takes for a hotel’s design elements to mesh with the local culture and community while standing out and making a lasting impression. In addition, because we work hand-in-hand with our Innvision procurement specialists, we’re always in the know when it comes to pricing, lead times, and the industry in general. To learn more about how Innvision can make your next hotel design project a success, reach out!