Hotel FF&E Installation 101: Hiring the Right Installer (pt. 1)

Hotel FF&E Installation 101: Hiring the Right Installer (pt. 1)

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FF&E installation is a critical part of your hotel’s new construction, so it’s essential to select the right installer to avoid costly mistakes and delays. In this post, you’ll learn what hotel owners and developers should consider about FF&E installation for their new construction and some critical steps to take to ensure success.

The Relationship Between Procurement and Installation

The procurement provider working on the project should be heavily involved in the installation schedule to ensure the timelines match up well with the FF&E delivery dates. They can also help educate a hotel owner about the differences between having the construction crew install the FF&E vs. hiring a separate, independent installer.

There are a few reasons to have the general contractor install FF&E. They are already on site and familiar with the building and jobsite conditions. If a problem arises during installation that relates to the construction, they might be faster to resolve it. On the other hand, GCs don’t do FF&E installations every day, so they’re likely to be inexperienced, slower, and less familiar with hotel brands and documentation requirements. An FF&E installation might be more of a unique project for a contractor, who could charge a premium for this type of work.

The Pros and Cons of an Independent FF&E Installer

There are clear pros and cons to consider when deciding to hire an independent FF&E installer. One clear advantage is that installation is all that they do. This means that you’ll get a specialist who knows the ins and outs of installation. Have you ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” When a company tries to do all things, their performance is typically not outstanding. But those who focus on providing a smaller scope of expertise can achieve mastery and offer an exceptional product or service as a result.

Another point for the “pros” column is that an experienced independent FF&E installer will likely have done many projects of the type of hotel you are building. This specialist may know the manufacturers involved and will be prepared on day one. An excellent independent FF&E installer will also know how to work directly with the contractor as a team player to get the project done smoothly.

There are two “cons” of an independent FF&E installer that are important to reflect on for your new hotel construction project. One is that independent FF&E installers often appear to cost more. However, when you consider the risk, cost, delay, and result provided by the alternative, they’ll actually cost less in the end. Secondly, as with every consultant, there are good and bad ones. As a hotel owner or developer, you must do your research to find an experienced installer who has a stellar track record with your type of project.

Contract Tips From the Pros

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Contracts.

When negotiating contracts with other service providers in a hotel new construction project—such as GCs—ensure that their contract includes:

  • Access to the project site in alignment with the installer’s schedule
  • Use of the elevators, ensuring the elevators are usable when the installers are on-site
  • Local approvals that correspond with the installation (Some local codes do not allow furniture installations before partial occupancy permits.)

Innvision is part of all installations because we provide the FF&E products and finishes. Because of this, we are in an excellent position to assist during FF&E installation. We have intimate knowledge of the product being installed and already know the project goals. We can make recommendations for efficient delivery timing that minimize or avoid double-handling of product, thereby reducing the risk of damage or loss. To learn more about how Innvision can make your next hotel design project a success, reach out today!