4 Signs You Need A Hotel FF&E Design & Procurement Consultant

4 Signs You Need A Hotel FF&E Design & Procurement Consultant

As you begin to plan your hotel project, you may wonder whether hiring a hotel FF&E design and procurement consultant for your project would be worthwhile. What are the benefits of having one? What are the risks of going it alone?

In this post, we share four reasons why you would need a hotel FF&E design and procurement consultant. If you can relate to any of these, it would be a good idea to start talking to an experienced FF&E consultant! 

4 Signs You Need A Hotel FF&E Procurement Consultant

#1: You Don’t Know Brand Requirements

Brand requirements can be pretty detailed and they change over time. Design and procurement consultants are responsible for knowing what each brand requires and corresponding with the property’s brand director for that particular region. At Innvision, we make sure a hotel is purchasing the right items and we preemptively handle challenges before they become problems. We strive to be subject matter experts in every brand and if we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.

If you don’t know the ins and outs of your brand standards and requirements, it’s a sign that you need a hotel FF&E design and procurement consultant. 

#2: You Don’t Have Time

As a hotelier, your time is valuable. Chances are you already have your hands full with everything required to operate a successful business. However, if you are not currently working with a hotel FF&E design and procurement consultant, you’re probably noticing how little time you have for much else during your hotel project. Design and procurement take time and an extensive amount of coordination, planning, and logistics.

At Innvision, we know the ropes. We are experienced and can save you time by selecting the vendors who will provide the most competitive service, manufacturing lead times, and pricing. We are always searching for the best service, value, and fit for you. We recommend the best suppliers for each situation so you can maximize your time and focus on what you do best.

If you value your time (and that of your staff) and recognize that design and procurement processes will likely require more time than you have to give, this is a sign that you need a hotel FF&E consultant.

#3: You’re Not A Logistics Expert
As mentioned above, each project takes time, from compiling the items needed to reviewing scopes, architectural plans, and manufacturer pricing, to tracking lead times and calculating freight rates. Most hotel owners or unspecialized “managers” of the project do not go in-depth, which can be risky and backfire if brand standards are not followed, unexpected costs arise, or delays push back the project completion date.
Well-run logistics management is a vital marker of a successful project and encompasses everything from routing, scheduling, carrier and production management, coordination, and damage claims.

Are you ready to manage all those deposits to manufacturers, verify quantities, review and approve shop drawings, and double-check all the orders and their quotes? Will you be fielding phone calls and tracking deliveries, shipments, and storage on the ground? If not, this is a sign you need a hotel FF&E procurement consultant.

#4: You’re Not Tracking Price Fluctuations in the Industry
Pricing has been volatile for the last two years. Everything is a moving target between the big foam shortage of 2021 to tariffs and ocean surcharges. You can set programs in place, but the pricing can change quarterly.

The price of diesel has wreaked havoc on project shipping budgets at times. We often get freight rates quoted, only to have that change upon the timing of the shipment. Freight quotes are only good for about a week and, in most cases, tend to increase the farther out the order ships. As we all know, lead times have increased substantially, so in most cases, the rate quoted will not apply and will only give you a placeholder.

A design and procurement consultant such as Innvision tracks product and freight pricing fluctuations and strategically mitigates manufacturers’ FOB points for the lowest rate that can be found. It’s not uncommon for us to triple-check multiple avenues to ensure we are obtaining the best rate for our client. If you’re not doing all of the above, it’s a sign you could use some assistance.

At Innvision, we support you every step of the way, from the moment you break ground to the moment you welcome guests. We are constantly learning new brand changes, schemes, protocols and contacts with each franchiser, and hold our relationship with you to the highest standard of attentiveness and care.

So, contact us today if you’re ready to start your hotel project with a skilled and experienced FF&E design and procurement consultant!