Designer’s Spotlight on Hotel Guestroom Flooring & How to Select It

Designer's Spotlight on Hotel Guestroom Flooring & How to Select It

Hotel flooring is a fundamental part of a room’s design, as it sets the foundation for the rest of the guestroom FF&E package. The materials used influence aesthetics, comfort, and well-being. No product in a hotel room experiences more use than flooring, so making the right choices can have a large positive impact on the guest experience.

Flooring design selections must strike just the right balance. Ideally, they will complement all other FF&E components in the guestroom without overpowering the total design. Our previous post was about the latest guestroom flooring trends, which you can access here. But in this newest blog, we share where product designers get inspiration, along with advice from Innvision Design Studio on selecting hotel guestroom flooring.

Hotel Flooring Design Inspiration

Kelly Wearstler

Durkan Hospitality, a leading hospitality flooring manufacturer, gathers inspiration from high-end residential interiors by American designer Kelly Wearstler. She is a master of creating modern, luxurious spaces that are visually stunning and stylish, yet also inviting and functional. Bold colors, eclectic textures, and unexpected materials characterize Wearstler’s beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces.

Hella Jongerius

Durkan also finds inspiration in Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, a trailblazer who combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. With a keen eye for detail, she creates unique and beautiful spaces characterized by a clever mix of materials, striking color choices, and a thoughtful selection of furnishings. Jongerius’ work stands apart due to her ability to create innovative and visually captivating spaces.

How to Select Hotel Guestroom Flooring

With a growing number of hard and soft materials to choose from, selecting guestroom flooring can involve many variables. When assessing a hotel’s needs, interior designers from Innvision Design Studio consider product quality, client budget, the hotel’s target market, and aesthetics. Hard surfaces also have their own set of dynamics to keep in mind.


Quality comes first, so we consider the best materials that will meet the hotel brand’s technical specifications and stand the test of time to keep looking fresh and new. In addition, we factor in product maintenance considerations and how easy it will be to clean guestroom flooring. Less obvious but also important product attributes to factor in include acoustics, safety, and any indoor air quality impacts.


Price always plays a role in product decisions, particularly for guestrooms. Therefore, after quality, the next thing to assess is budget when making flooring selections. Our designers aim to find the perfect balance between quality and budget, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. While evaluating potential product choices, we communicate with hospitality guestroom flooring manufacturers to understand pricing and identify the highest quality options that the project budget will allow.


Since each property has its own target market and guest profile, we must consider how the room will be used and what the floors will be exposed to. A designer should take the time to understand your hotel’s target market and their preferences to make an educated guestroom flooring decision.

What will guests prefer? Might sand or snow be continually tracked into the rooms?  Is this a hotel geared more toward families with kids or business travelers? With forethought, we can avoid having guests enter a room and immediately notice peeling or cracked flooring!


Finally, as designers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our eye for the overall design aesthetic. Whether we’re going for a more residential feel, a “maximalist” vibe, or another design theme, your floors must support and enhance the design vision.

Do you want a wood-look floor for a clean, residential design? Do you want to add warmth and art to the floor with patterns, color, and texture? Shall we accomplish this with tile, LVT, carpet, or area rugs?

Hard Surfaces

When it comes hard surface flooring, which gets replaced less often, it must be commercial quality, pass required local/federal codes, meet hotel brand standards, and provide an inviting, innovative character to the overall room design that won’t seem dated too quickly. Tile products with higher slip resistance for safety and tighter grout joints for a cleaner look are also available.

It takes a thoughtful approach to get all of these factors right!

At Innvision, we pride ourselves on working with a diversified portfolio of manufacturing partners who offer the best quality hotel flooring at competitive prices. In addition, our experts can take the guesswork out of selecting flooring for your hotel rooms and find just the right product. So, contact us today if you’re ready to start your hotel project with a skilled and experienced interior design and FF&E provider!