Tips for Working with Your Hotel Interior Designer

Tips for Working with Your Hotel Interior Designer

During your hotel’s new construction or renovation, your relationship with your hotel interior designer will be important. Working as a team, you and your interior designer will clarify the vision for your project, consider any brand standards, and realize that vision through the design, procurement, and installation phases.

5 Tips for Working with Your Hotel Interior Designer

As with any relationship, the one between client and designer requires cooperation and collaboration from both parties. In this blog, you will learn five tips from Innvision Design Studio for working with your hotel interior designer so the experience is pleasant and your vision comes to full fruition.

Tip #1: Communicate

The better you can communicate your vision for the project, the better your hotel interior designer will be able to nail the creation of it. Be specific, sharing what you do and don’t like. Mention any changes you want to make to the concept or design as early as possible to save money, time, and headaches down the road. Don’t worry about offending your designer; with respectful and prompt communication, a good designer can adjust – and will be grateful you said something so you could be 100% satisfied.

Tip #2: Be Involved

You play an integral role in your hotel’s new construction or renovation. To keep your project on track, answer emails and phone calls promptly and share any schedule limitations or time off as soon as possible so your team can plan accordingly. If you stay closely involved and are responsive when needed, things can move much more quickly.

Tip #3: Be Flexible

The work of a hotel interior designer is highly creative. They are turning a blank canvas into a beautiful space for guests. So, be flexible and open-minded to the creative process. This is easiest if you trust the designer you hire and let them dive fully into what they do best.

Tip #4: Be Realistic About Budget

Good hotel interior designers will let you know if your vision is aligned with your budget and can offer advice on alternative options to keep costs low if it isn’t. Work with your hotel interior designer to build a vision that matches your budget and be open to suggestions that will ultimately save your bottom line.

Tip #5: Know Your Hotel Interior Designer’s Responsibilities

A hotel interior designer will commit to listening to you, understanding your project’s needs, and educating you based on their experience. They will also communicate openly about the budget, project progress, and updates. When hotel interior designers know their responsibilities and adhere to them, it helps you to trust them and their process.

At Innvision, we are a trusted authority and partner for our clients in their hotel project design and procurement phases. Our design and procurement consultants are trained, experienced, and hands-on to support the entirety of your project. So, if you’re ready to partner with Innvision for your next hotel renovation or new construction project, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help.