The Benefits of Working with a Hotel FF&E Procurement Provider

The Benefits of Working with a Hotel FF&E Procurement Provider

As you prepare for your hotel construction or renovation, you may wonder if working with a hotel FF&E procurement provider is worthwhile. In this post, you will learn what an experienced FF&E procurement provider does and how we work to save you time, money, and headaches.

The Role of a Hotel FF&E Procurement Provider

Some key areas of support hotel FF&E procurement providers offer, in chronological order throughout the project, are:

  • Consultative services to build a timeline that fits your renovation or opening date, so you can get your hotel in business as soon as possible.
  • Design services (offered by some) while ensuring brand standards are met, including submittal to the brand for approval before delivery.
  • Budget preparation, including FF&E counts and securing vendors based on design and brand specifications.
  • Vendor selection from established, reliable, and quality vendors, leveraging their buying power and relationship to get you better rates and service.
  • Payment terms, so you don’t have to pay 100% upfront before receiving your goods.
  • Invoice management from your various vendors, so you don’t have to deal with the paperwork and bill tracking.
  • Logistics management so you don’t need to track production and the many, dynamic delivery dates, manage delays, create an installation schedule, submit damage claims, and more.
  • Liaison support, so you don’t have to be in the middle of every conversation between the hotel staff, FF&E team, vendors, and General Contractor.
  • Freight routing and strategy so your FF&E schedule can align with the latest supply chain and freight delays.
  • Delivery support handles scheduling, reporting, communication, staging, and proper sequencing to ensure a timely, productive, and stress-free installation.
  • The Difference Between Working with and Without a Procurement Provider

The primary difference between working with and without a hotel procurement provider is that without one, the hotelier is responsible for managing all the hundreds of moving pieces required to complete the project.

Without a procurement provider, a hotel owner is at risk for more costly mistakes, delays, and stress than necessary. Handling a hotel project can be challenging even for FF&E professionals who are fully trained and equipped to do so and besides, you’ve got plenty of other things to manage to get (or keep) heads in beds. In addition, in today’s environment, freight trends, brand requirements, and the ordering process are constantly evolving, which can be difficult to track if you’re not a full-time FF&E provider.

Without trusted vendor partnerships and a bird’s-eye view of the project scope, it’s challenging to determine the best products for your budget, timing, and quality needs. The best option isn’t always the one that’s the least expensive on paper. For example, you risk delays if your products are not delivered on time by a trusted and vetted vendor, and this delay could cost thousands in labor and unearned bookings.

The Three Primary Benefits of Working with a Hotel Procurement Provider

1.    Save Time

At Innvision, we know you have plenty to consider during your hotel’s new construction or renovation. We’ll manage everything related to procurement and design from A to Z, so you can rest assured the experts have it handled. You’ll receive regular status updates and give approvals without worrying about all the logistics, scheduling, and detailed communications with all involved parties.

2.    Save Money

We have more buying power and receive better pricing due to our established vendor relationships. Our design and procurement consultants help reduce installation time and maximize job site productivity, saving on wages-per-employee. Our knowledge and experience reduce the chance of mistakes, saving you money and additional delay. Finally, we offer credit terms that do not require full payment before shipment so you can inspect goods before payment. This prevents you from paying up-front for goods that are damaged or incorrect.

3.    Save Headache

As a hotelier, you have your day-to-day tasks to handle. If you work with Innvision, we take care of the small but important details that can bog you down. We do in-person site visits so we know the property and can help things run more smoothly when shipments arrive. We offer both design and procurement and operate as a unified team to make things faster, more efficient, and more coordinated for you.

In short, this is our day-to-day, and we’re good at it. So, if you’re ready to partner with Innvision for your next hotel renovation or new construction project, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help.