What’s New in Pool and Outdoor

What’s New in Pool and Outdoor

pool and outdoor trends

When it comes to your hotel’s pool and outdoor furniture, special attention is due to ensure the design fits in with the rest of the property. Colors from the pool area leading to the lobby and guest rooms must flow cohesively and build on each other to integrate into a single scheme. Entryway furniture design and lobby design have to be inviting and create the feeling that they are parts of one unified space. Here’s what hoteliers have been doing to make the most of their outdoor areas.

Functionality Over Design

The biggest difference between outdoor furniture and indoor furniture is in how guests use it. The best selections are suited for multipurpose use. Your pool furniture needs to be both a comfortable place to sit as well as a nice place to dine. Design becomes less important than the functional aspects of your furniture. 

Your outdoor area also should feel like a private space naturally. Providing one couch to sit on may be a mistake, since it actually takes up more real estate and offers less seating than a few chairs. Guests sitting by the pool or waiting for a room don’t want to sit next to a stranger. They want to feel they have their own personal space to relax. 

Another important factor with outdoor design is furniture durability. Pool and outdoor furniture go through extreme conditions throughout the year and face significant wear and tear. To combat weathering, hoteliers are beginning to use furniture made of composite materials that look like wicker. The benefit of doing so is the amount of time the furniture can withstand harsh conditions. Instead of two or three years, you can get up to ten years without replacing your furniture. This material is also designed to last in the sun and not lose color. To fight against sun fading, hotel brand standards are shifting to lighter colors. Old trends pointed towards browns and darker tans. Today, pool and outdoor items use greys, oranges, and lighter tans. These colors prove to be more durable and less likely to fade over time in the harsh sun.

A well-designed pool and outdoor space is a key part of a cohesive hotel design. Contact Innvision Hospitality today to find furniture that is functional, looks good, and meets brand standards.