new trends in hospitality hardware

Understanding how design affects brand standards can be tricky, especially when it comes to small details. Creating a cohesive atmosphere by matching the various metal finishes in the room to your hardware, is an important nuance. Pieces coming from different manufacturers can possess differing sheens or hues. These variations can lead to minor discrepancies that can throw off entire design plans. Hardware styles are continuously evolving and providing a unique experience in guest rooms that’s stylish and functional. 

Get A Handle on Things

Over the years, hospitality hardware has become more simple in design. Previously popular, those embellished, tactile handles have given way to those with plain and sleek profiles like bar pulls, flat plates, or even none at all together.  A more recent trend is featuring a notched pull into the face of the drawers and cabinets. Designers and manufacturers being more cognizant of hardware shape has led to a surface without grooves. This makes guest room hardware easier to clean and sanitize, an important feature in the wake of COVID-19.

Typically, producers form hardware from a base metal, such as aluminum. It often has a powder coat finish to match a different metal hue, such as iron, brass, or nickel. More recently, these hardware finishes have become darker and with warm metallic tones. Colors like champagne, dark bronze, and copper are more popular than ever before. Some boutique hotels are even choosing hardware with a flat matte black finish. It doesn’t get simpler than that! Though, brushed nickel is still a classic go-to because it’s economically smart and guaranteed to be timeless.

The right hardware selections have the power to pull your entire design scheme together while adding an interesting, tactile experience for guests. Reach out to Innvision Hospitality today for guidance on your property’s hardware or overall FF&E design and procurement!