Designer’s Spotlight on Hotel Public Area Flooring

Designer's Spotlight on Hotel Public Area Flooring

Flooring is a cornerstone of any hotel’s interior design and can easily make or break your lobby or other public space. Hotel flooring is often the longest renovation cycle item needing the least frequent replacement. Therefore, designers must anticipate the durability of flooring materials vis-à-vis the overall design and concept of the hotel, knowing that the flooring might remain beyond the other original FF&E components.

Well-selected flooring for hotel public spaces should make a statement and be versatile, beautiful, warm, durable, and easy to maintain. In this post, we spotlight great designers and share how Innvision Design Studio helps you select public area flooring for your next project.

Designer’s Spotlight on Hotel Flooring in Public Spaces


David Collins

Hotel flooring should support—not overpower—the design of public spaces. Collins was known for selecting elegant, beautiful floors without overshadowing the beautiful design elements of the rest of the room.

Durability is essential, especially in public places within a hotel that get lots of foot traffic. Quality flooring that is easy to clean is a worthy investment, since its long life-cycle will demand that it look fresh for years to come.

From the David Collins website, “The Studio is committed to creative excellence, artisan workmanship, and longevity. A cultivated approach and over three decades of industry experience in luxury interiors add value to the projects it creates.”

Joseph Dirand

We love gaining inspiration from Joseph Dirand, an architect based in Paris. He starts from a classical perspective, often with simple yet luxurious flooring and a minimalist pattern. 

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Marble, two-tone solid colors, and clean, crisp lines define his design style. His elegant flooring choices somehow draw the eye to the rest of the impressive interior design of the public space. 

From his biography: “He sees the space and perspective of a place. His sense for composition comes from his creative family background; he has a scenographer’s eye and frames volume with extreme precision. He is sensitive to the way light plays on relief and flat surfaces; he analyses structure, notices the tiniest of details, observes a material’s abundance of features, and appreciates the rightness of a color.”

Hotel Public Area Flooring Materials


Marble-look flooring is still strong, although the patterns have evolved into a contemporary style, sometimes with a powerful geometric design or accentuated by metal such as brass. In addition, ceramic tiles in large format can resemble marble or concrete.


We’re seeing lots of whitewashed wood flooring, as well as wood floors in gray, light brown, two-toned combinations, or darker, cooler shades.


2023 flooring trends are all about textures. For a luxury look and feel, think distressed or reclaimed wood, as well as herringbone, diagonal, chevron, hexagon, and wide plank patterns. Carpets and area rugs complement hotel public spaces with texture and bold statements. Combining materials can also be a great way to add texture to a lobby or other larger area.

How Innvision Selects Hotel Flooring for Public Spaces

When considering hotel flooring for your public spaces, it’s important to know how your guests will use it. Whether it’s a welcome area, corridor, dining room, or lounge, the flooring in public spaces must be easy to maintain, durable, and functional while seamlessly incorporating into the hotel’s overall design and adhering to brand standards.

At Innvision, we’re not only inspired by the world’s best designers, but we’re up-to-date on the latest flooring innovations and timeless designs. We and our diversified portfolio of manufacturing partners are well-versed in brand standard requirements. So, contact us today if you’re ready to start your hotel project with a skilled and experienced FF&E provider!