What’s New in Design for 2022?

What’s New in Design for 2022?

For a few years now, the millennial traveler has significantly influenced hotel design. Because of this, most brands have designed spaces for efficiency, eco-friendliness, improved peer interactions, smart technology, and naturally, Instagram-able moments.

Read on to learn six new trends in design in 2022:

Innvision 2022 Design Trends

#1: Business Centers: Reimagined

Millennials favor business centers as a means to interact with their peers. As a result, business centers have been rethought and renamed and are no longer just a place to print, scan, or fax. Now these spaces cater to the varying needs of guests, from meeting to dining and entertaining.

#2: Eco-friendly Design

Millennials are concerned about climate change and its influence on the environment, so preferred design elements are upcycled, environmentally friendly, or “green.” In addition, guests love live plants, which invoke a sense of connection with nature. Spaces will be more open and uncluttered, blending old and new and bringing the outside in with plants, moss walls, and greenery.

#3: Efficient “Smart” Design

Smart technology is becoming more popular in rooms and public areas, and more interaction occurs through smartphones. Smartphone interaction between guests and hotel staff will become even more advanced in the future, which will relieve the pressure placed on the front desk. Advances in technology are also being incorporated into furniture pieces for guest convenience.

#4: Personalization

Competition from Airbnb is pushing hotels for more personalization. Guests look for comfortable, functional, flexible, and welcoming spaces. Multi-functional furniture is a hit, such as a piece that doubles as a desk chair and dining chair.

#5: Softer Shapes and Angles

Travelers are attracted to relaxing spaces, especially after the craziness of the past two years. In 2022, we will see softer shapes and angles, and cool neutrals will phase out to make room for warmer tones, like browns or terracotta. We see rounded seating, pink tones in fabric and wallcoverings, and luxe fabrics that provide a feeling of comfortable luxury.

Innvision 2022 Design Trends

#6: A Feeling of Home

It’s essential to refresh hotel lobbies to stay up-to-date with client preferences. Nowadays, checking in can feel more like entering a family room than a lobby. It is also important to keep up with the technology, amenities, and F&B offerings expected of hotels.

How Innvision Stays on Top of Design Trends

Innvision Design Studio keeps a close eye on fashion and residential design because we find that will eventually trickle into hotel interior design. We follow social trends, Pinterest, and interior design magazines and we work closely with our vendors to review new products. In addition, we attend various national design shows and partake in multiple showroom visits. Most importantly, we listen to our client’s needs and guest feedback.

With Innvision as a partner, you can rest assured your hotel will feature innovative design trends your guests love, but only those that will endure beyond fads in a more timeless way. To learn more about how Innvision can make your hotel design a success, reach out today!