The Hotel Owner’s Guide to a Successful Refresh

The Hotel Owner's Guide to a Successful Refresh

Remodeling your hotel is an exciting process. You want it done efficiently and to your satisfaction, and for the result to impress your guests and keep them coming back. In this post, you’ll learn four simple things that hotel owners can do during their hotel’s renovation to ensure a smooth process with as little delay as possible and the best outcome.

#1: Assemble Your Dream Team

For your project to be successful, you need a team of trusted professionals that have experience doing exactly what you need. This might include an architect, interior designer, FF&E procurement consultant, and general contractor. Do your homework and ask the right questions (see “8 Questions You Must Answer When Choosing an FF&E Procurement Provider” at the bottom of Innvision’s website home page). Then, when you’ve got the right team in place, you can leave it to the experts and trust their advice based on their experience.

#2: Provide All Information

Give your renovation team everything they need to get started and be sure everyone receives updates on any changes along the way. There are many moving pieces coming together to make the effort a success. The more your key players know, the better they can work together so there aren’t any unnecessary surprises or delays down the road. For example, if the GC’s schedule changes, the FF&E provider needs to know about the new timing. In return, you can trust your expert team to stay on top of brand requirement changes, deliveries, and updates on their end and to relay that type of information to you.

#3: Be Flexible

Be prepared to roll with the punches. Due to current market conditions, there are many factors within a hotel renovation that are beyond our control. We’re all familiar with labor, supply chain disruptions, and other obstacles at this point. However, other challenges can arise also, such as architectural drawings not matching “as-built” site conditions. A strong team will adapt and revise the plan to move forward with the best possible solution. Don’t try to limit or control communication between team members; instead, encourage the team to keep an open dialogue and remain transparent with anything that may come up along the way.

#4 Don’t Cut Corners

We understand budget constraints are always a factor. Fortunately, it is possible these days to select great designs and products at an attractive price point. But don’t cut corners—especially when it comes to your team and your products—because those short cuts and undesirable trade-offs will appear much more obvious to you and your hotel guests when the refresh is complete.

How Innvision Helps Make Hotel Renovations Successful

Innvision works with your key players to coordinate the arrival of FF&E throughout the project. When doing an FF&E refresh, you’ll want your product delivered in a logical order by floor, which Innvision will coordinate. This is to minimize or avoid the need for storage, which both costs more and increases the risk of damage to your FF&E. We’ll provide a furniture matrix by floor that breaks down the items and quantities per phase so that everyone can prepare for deliveries and installation.

With Innvision as a partner, you can complete a quality refresh of your property with as little stress and delay as possible. To learn more about how Innvision can make your next hotel renovation a success, reach out today!