Why You Need a Designer for Your Hotel’s Prototype Room Scheme

Why You Need a Designer for Your
Hotel’s Prototype Room Scheme

The creation of a prototype guestroom scheme often is the result of a collaborative process involving multiple hospitality designers, both inside and outside of a hotel brand’s own corporate design team. In most cases, the room scheme clearly indicates design intent based on various factors such as the hotel’s target guests and their demographics. With a clear design intent established, the corporate design team can make final tweaks to the draft prototype a bit, including value-engineering its FF&E to achieve the best price point possible while still maintaining a quality product and the most current design.

Having a prototype room scheme has its benefits. It can be easier and faster for a hotelier to replace FF&E product, especially if stocked domestically. With custom lighting, for example, a supplier may require you to place a minimum order quantity before it will produce replacement lamps. This is in contrast to pulling from stock or from a prototype’s running production line that can ship more quickly with fewer minimum order quantity restrictions.

Benefits of Having a Designer for a Prototype Room Scheme 

Although a brand design scheme is prototypical, there is hardly ever a hotel that is exactly like the prototype. Even for a new build, site conditions and local code requirements can alter the structure of the building or alterations may be necessary based on market needs.

For an existing hotel, implementing a prototype design often demands tailoring the scheme to as-built conditions, power locations, and the sizes of the guest rooms. A set of interior design drawings, at the very least, would help ensure that furniture will fit. An experienced designer can help navigate these alterations and customizations to ensure they align with brand standards.

For example, a hotel may have an existing headboard wall shorter than the current prototype room. Relocating, eliminating, or modifying the furniture may be necessary. In addition, not all prototype window treatment styles will work with existing window conditions. Many brands now require roller shades in guestrooms, but some existing windows may be too large or too long to accommodate that window treatment style.

In these cases, a designer can work directly with the hotel brand to determine the best solution that still exemplifies the scheme’s design intent. The brand’s corporate team will review, modify, and approve drawings submitted by a professional designer, just as with custom schemes. 

Risks of Not Having a Designer for a Prototype Room Scheme

Brand prototype guestroom schemes are not simply “plug-and-play” design solutions. In part, this is because hotels that may seem identical are actually very different assets with different construction environments. Each has its own dynamics and individual needs.

Without a designer, hoteliers may not properly factor in ADA (American Disabilities Act) considerations, which can affect guest satisfaction scores and even become a legal issue. Moreover, if FF&E does not fit properly in guestrooms when it arrives on property, usually after months of production, frustration mounts along with additional delay and expense.

A professional hospitality designer plays an important role in communicating with the brand’s design team. 

In the absence of direct contact with the brand, a hotelier may miss out on valuable guidance to determine the best solutions for non-prototypical conditions. In short, without a designer, your prototype hotel project could be delayed and your valuable resources wasted unnecessarily.

The Innvision Solution

Innvision’s design team is highly skilled in producing design documentation for renovation and new construction “prototype” guest rooms. Our team has many years of experience in the hospitality industry and a clear understanding of the design and operational aspects of running and maintaining a hotel.

We frequently work with nearly all major hotel franchisors and their corporate design teams. We connect directly with your hotel brand’s designers to achieve the best solutions specific to your project. In addition to design, we offer a full suite of services from start-to-finish for your project, from budgeting, project management, logistics, and freight management to many other facets of coordination. That gives you a seamless experience and the best result possible.

If you’d like to explore how a designer can help with your upcoming prototype room scheme implementation, connect with us!