How to Make Hotels & FF&E Sustainable

How to Make Hotels & FF&E Sustainable

In celebration of Earth Day, we are raising awareness and highlighting what Innvision and our partners do to make FF&E healthy and sustainable for our clients and the environment.

Why A Sustainable Hotel Is Important

The sustainability of a hotel is an important consideration since each one has an individual carbon footprint – the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by its existence and operation. One contributing factor is the sizeable amount of indoor space a property has that requires heating and cooling. In addition, the activities, consumption, and recycling habits of a hotel and its many guests have an impact on the environment in various ways. Furthermore, guests must also travel to arrive at those hotels, sometimes from far away, which can increase their carbon footprints.

But with even a small amount of planning and effort, hoteliers can do much to reduce their hotel’s carbon footprint. For example, using recycled and eco-friendly products at their properties can reduce landfill waste and resource consumption. All major franchisors such as Hilton, IHG, and Marriott also have sustainability initiatives to help their franchisees go greener.

From LEED-certified buildings to solar energy, water reclamation, limited laundry services, and even creating live green spaces within the property, more and more hotels worldwide are doing their part to be good stewards of the earth. Every little bit counts. By the way, these efforts don’t go unnoticed, which makes them good for not only the environment, but also for a hotel’s marketing. Guests appreciate when hotels do their part to protect the planet, as is reflected in their Customer Satisfaction ratings.

Examples of Sustainable Hotel FF&E

When it comes to hotel FF&E, flooring manufacturers stand out for their significant progress in making their products sustainable. Flooring producers don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk by utilizing solar energy and water reclamation practices at the plant level and by recycling old hotel flooring. Within the textile industry, manufacturers are employing similar sustainability practices in the production of hotel sheets, towels, and upholstered fabrics.

Other FF&E sustainability efforts come from case good producers who source timber from sustainable tree farms. 

Manufacturers are also looking to consolidate shipments and put fewer trucks on the road transporting FF&E. This efficiency strategy results in a lower carbon footprint from reduced emissions, along with possible savings in freight costs.



Sustainable Hospitality FF&E Manufacturers

At Innvision, we seek out hotel FF&E manufacturers who are putting in the work to be as planet-friendly as possible while delivering the right products and price points. Some of these vendor partners include:

  • Shaw (flooring) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • Durkan (flooring) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • Tarkett (flooring) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • MDC (vinyl wallcovering) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • Momentum (vinyl wallcovering) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • Serta Simmons (mattresses) – (Read about their sustainability practices here)
  • Dubois (case goods)
  • Hackney (case goods)
  • Southfield (seating)
  • Charter (seating)

Investing in Sustainable Hotel FF&E

At first glance, sustainability seems to come with a higher price tag. However, as in examples identified above, a greener choice might pay for itself in cost savings and/or marketing benefits.

Similar to selecting healthier foods, making hotel FF&E and operations more sustainable and reducing hotel carbon footprints are wise investments that will pay off down the road. Individual hoteliers can have an impact and feel the benefits more directly by engaging with LEED-certified architectural and building firms and design and procurement firms experienced in working on sustainable projects.

At Innvision, we help our clients find the best sustainable FF&E products for their hotels from our carefully curated list of vendor partners and manufacturers. We also work with hoteliers to create green spaces such as live walls and rooftop gardens at their properties. To learn more about how Innvision can help you select healthy and sustainable products for your next hotel project, reach out!