6 Tips for Furnishing Pet-Friendly Hotels

6 Tips for Furnishing Pet-Friendly Hotels

For many, a pet is a companion, family member, or even an emotional support or service animal. When your hotel is pet-friendly, you attract a wider range of clients, but, at the same time, you run a greater risk of damage to your hotel rooms. 

In this post, you’ll learn the six best tips for furnishing a stylish, sturdy, pet-friendly hotel that can stand the test of time.

Tip #1: Opt for Sturdy Furniture and Fabrics

Simplifying furniture in pet-friendly rooms helps reduce pet damage, as most hotel brands already require furniture fabric to be stain treated. For example, opt for arm-less lounge chairs, sofas with tight seats, and furniture with fewer seams. Also, minimize the usage of decorative throw pillows. Finally, avoid light colors and heavily textured fabric. That way, furniture will be much easier to clean and vacuum.  

Tip #2: Consider Flooring and Window Treatments

Hard surfaces such as tile and luxury vinyl flooring are highly recommended for pet-friendly rooms. That way, clean-up is easy, and you avoid unsightly carpet stains and smells. If you’d still like to use carpet, carpet tile can be a good alternative, as it’s easily replaceable in pieces by hotel staff.

When it comes to window treatments, you certainly don’t want your canine guests mistaking a window curtain for a fire hydrant! Roller sheer and roller shades can be an excellent alternative to fabric curtains in your pet-friendly rooms.

Tip #3: Think Room Location

Not all your rooms need to be pet-friendly. We find that it works best when pet-friendly rooms are on the ground floor or above common guest areas, so other guests aren’t bothered if there are any unpleasant noises from furry friends. This also gives pet owners easier access to potty breaks and walks outdoors.

Tip #4: Take Preventative Measures

No matter what rules and requests you make regarding allowing pets in your hotel, accidents can (and probably will!) happen in your pet-friendly rooms. Protect your furniture and fabrics with washable covers, and use decorative waterproof throw blankets on sofas and beds. Be sure to keep a few spares in storage so you can wash and replace old ones if needed.

Tip #5: Set Some Ground-Rules

Pet-friendly hotels often set rules to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, as well as the preservation of property. For example, you can limit pet size and breed and require that the pet always be leashed on the property. You can also stipulate the pet’s behavior and training and direct guests to a specific outdoor area for potty breaks.

Tip #6: Provide Memorable Extras

To make furry friends feel at home (and keep them busy!), you can provide a complimentary pet basket with a bed, toys, and treats to avoid pets’ being on furniture or chewing furniture legs. You can also partner with local businesses to offer extra pet-related services such as dog-walking, hourly pet sitting, and grooming to reduce room damage and pest problems. 

At Innvision, our designers know the best FF&E for pet-friendly hotels. Not only do we

consider the design and procurement of your hotel’s new construction or renovation, but we also suggest suitable attic-stock furnishings for future replacement.

A growing number of hoteliers who want to attract the booming population of travelers with pets while protecting their investment and bottom line trust Innvision as preferred FF&E partner. So, if you want to begin your next pet-friendly hotel project, reach out!