What’s New in Lighting

What’s New in Lighting

new trends in lighting design

Hospitality trends and design standards continue to shift in an effort to meet the demands of hotel guests. While away from home, guests are looking for experiences and expect hotels to offer them throughout their stay. Hotel lighting plays a part in this, since the way you use light in your hotel design creates a particular atmosphere. Having the right illumination can be the difference between a relaxed guest or stressed guest, and it might contribute to welcoming stay rather than a dreaded arrival. Hotels that stay on top of lighting trends know what guests are looking for and better understand how to use lighting to support and design their experiences. Here’s what’s new in lighting design to help your hotel stand out.

The most frequent changes in lighting trends usually involve materials. For example, multicolored metals have become prevalent, so the light fixtures can blend with other metals in the room. It’s essential to consider your lighting fixture materials when approaching your room design, since you have the opportunity to match them to other accent pieces in a space. 

Other things to consider in lighting design are the required lighting levels, lighting quality, light source (incandescent vs. fluorescent), and the ceiling and furniture plan itself. Some light fixtures function as artwork, acting almost as a sculpture within a hotel space. Regarding style, simplicity and sophistication in the decorative fixtures have become a timeless look, not just a passing trend. 

New trends in lighting fixtures don’t stop with just the room. Hotel bathrooms have had a facelift in the past couple of years as well. Backlit mirrors are taking the place of decorative wall sconces on either side of the vanity. This likely is a trend that will stick around for a while since guests and designers love to use them. Another enduring trend is the use of energy-efficient lighting. Designers are looking to ensure the efficacy of a light source and temperature output while getting the best color rendering possible. 

Today’s hotel brand standards will usually specify lighting, along with the other design elements. The specifications could be as general as identifying location only, or they could be as precise as requiring a certain color temperature. Luckily, there is a great variety in lighting fixtures and an even more extensive range of price points for hoteliers. Hopping on to one of these new trends can be easy and low cost! 

New designs and technologies are always improving the lighting in hotels. It’s essential to understand your options and select the right lighting to match your brand requirements and design standards. Make sure your property is equipped with the latest and greatest that hospitality lighting has to offer by reaching out to the design and procurement specialists at Innvision!