Is Your Hotel Flooring Eco-Friendly?

Is Your Hotel Flooring Eco-Friendly?

In celebration of Earth Day, we decided to call on a trusted Innvision flooring partner, Shaw Contract, to discuss what they’ve done to ensure their product is as eco-friendly as possible. That way, hotel owners and developers can know what to look for when shopping for flooring for their next project.

Why Eco-Friendly Flooring Matters

As human beings, we are stewards of this planet we call home. More businesses and individuals alike are taking responsibility and making an effort to do better. This doesn’t just mean environmentally-conscious construction but also the avoidance of chemicals damaging to the health and well-being of hotel guests and employees.

Flooring is just one component of the larger hospitality interiors industry. However, that hasn’t stopped Shaw from doing what they can to lessen their impact on the planet and hold themselves accountable for maintaining high, eco-friendly standards.

Measuring Environmental Impact

As a hotel owner or developer, you likely don’t have the time to research each vendor’s environmental impact from their facilities, chemical usage, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution through end-of-use plans.

With convenience in mind, third-party verifiers like Cradle to Cradle do this for us, then certify the brands or have an easy-to-understand rating system. Organizations such as Cradle to Cradle are training consumers and minimizing the effort it takes to spot products that positively impact the planet and its people without doing all the legwork.

Most Shaw products are Cradle to Cradle Certified®. Look for this certification label to be confident of a product’s eco-friendliness without having to dig deep for specific requirements, numbers, or impact points.

Design for Health is another third-party organization that vets interior products. They’ve gathered all Shaw’s data, from certifications, NPD declarations, business practices, social diversity and inclusion practices to packaging, freight, and other metrics, and assigned Shaw a score. Visit Design for Health’s website and create a free account to compare the scores of different manufacturers.

From Eco-Friendly to Truly Sustainable

Sustainability goes beyond just our impact on the environment. It includes the practices we engage in that affect the health and wellness of hotel guests, employees, and everyone along the way.

Innvision greatly values its longstanding partnerships with excellent manufacturers such as Shaw, who value sustainability and take active measures to reduce their impact on the planet while also maintaining the price competitiveness of their products. Innvision and Shaw both understand that everybody wins when we put the planet and people first. That’s why we resonate deeply with Shaw’s campaign, “People together, planet forever.”

At Innvision, we help our clients find the best products for their hotel FF&E needs from our carefully curated vendor list built through research and years of experience. We only recommend vendors that follow industry standards, offer a warranty, actively manage quality control, and have a history of delivering products on time. To learn more about how Innvision can help you select quality, eco-friendly products and suppliers for your next hotel project, reach out!