How to Refresh Your Hotel’s Outdoor Spaces for Spring

How to Refresh Your Hotel's Outdoor
Spaces for Spring

An inviting outdoor space enhances your guests’ overall experience by encouraging them to stay longer and enjoy every aspect of your hotel. It can also set you apart from your competitors and result in higher ratings and reviews of your property.

As the weather changes for spring, it’s a perfect time to refresh your hotel’s outdoor spaces and draw your guests outside. In this post, our designers at ID Studio share some simple ways to prepare your hotel’s outdoor spaces and furnishings for the seasonal change.

Why It’s Important to Refresh Your Hotel’s Outdoor Spaces for Spring

Depending on your hotel’s location, the outdoor space has the potential to create a big first impression on your guests. A well-designed outdoor area can significantly enhance their overall perception of your property.

As the weather warms up, guests step outside for an additional workspace, an alternate dining experience, a quiet place to make a phone call, or to enjoy a communal social gathering. Now is an excellent opportunity to enhance your guests’ stay and make them feel comfortable out there.

Seven Tips to Refresh Your Hotel’s Outdoor Spaces for Spring

If you’re ready to refresh your hotel’s outdoor space for the season, follow these simple recommendations from our design studio and see how much of a difference they make!

#1: Deep Clean

Giving the area a deep cleaning is a must. Cleaning the patio and furniture of winter debris, salt residue, dirt, and grime will make the space more welcoming and attractive.

#2: Change the Throw Pillows

Get throw pillows with fun, bright colors and patterns that coordinate across all your outdoor furniture pieces. This is a quick and affordable way to add color and spruce up your space.

#3: Add Outdoor Rugs and Throws

Adding outdoor rugs to seating groups and outdoor throws across the seating surrounding the fire pit will create a cozier atmosphere, enticing guests to stay longer.

#4: Refresh Landscaping

Refresh your mulch and add springtime flowers and foliage to give your landscaping a little pick-me-up. A mix of potted plants, hanging plants, and garden beds creates more visual interest.

#5: Install Outdoor Lighting

Install outdoor lighting to encourage guests to use the space after sunset. Adding string lights, lanterns, and pathway lighting are all great ways to enhance the ambiance while ensuring guest safety.

#6: Incorporate Water Features

Incorporate water features such as fountains to create a more relaxing environment and mask any unwanted noise.

#7: Add Shade

Create covered or shaded areas to allow guests to enjoy a more flexible space throughout the season. Umbrellas, gazebos, and shade structures all can be great options, depending on the space.

At Innvision, we include the elements of the outdoor experience in our project planning process and we encourage clients to keep their hotels’ exterior spaces refreshed. Meeting brand requirements is always important, but our experts at ID Studio also consider the property’s surroundings to offer the best overall design recommendations.

Contact us to learn more about how Innvision can help you refresh your hotel’s outdoor spaces for spring!