How to Create a Custom Hotel Look Within Your FF&E Budget

How to Create a Custom Hotel Look Within Your FF&E Budget

A sharp-looking interior will attract your ideal guests and keep them coming back by helping you stand out in a competitive submarket. Having a well-designed space can also enhance your hotel’s functionality and efficiency while also showcasing its features and amenities.

In this post, you will learn common custom hotel FF&E budget constraints, along with four ways to create the look you desire without breaking the bank.

Custom Hotel Constraints

When creating a custom hotel look, budget alone isn’t typically the only constraint, although it does play a role in every design plan. With clear communication of your timeline, thoughtful planning, and a team that creates your design with the overall budget in mind, you can realize your design objectives without exceeding your targeted spend.


Keep in mind that a hotel project involving a fully custom design will take longer than one with a prototype, or pre-designed scheme. Even a “modified prototype,” where your designer starts with a pre-existing brand-approved scheme, will require more steps. When estimating your timeline, it should account for all parts of the custom design process, including material and finish selections, interior architectural drawings, brand reviews, and product delivery. An accurate timeline makes it easier to start early, stay within budget, and avoid hidden expenses along the way.


Once you properly budget your timeline, it’s essential to stay on track. Your likelihood of keeping to the schedule often depends on whether your hotel is a new build or a renovation. The larger the general contractor’s (GC) scope of demolition, construction, and/or installation, the greater the risk to your schedule. Each of these components requires a team, tools, equipment, logistics, and more, and straying from your schedule can increase costs across all of these areas.


Your hotel project team, comprised of architects, designers, FF&E procurement, GCs, and more, makes everything possible! For example, you want hands-on procurement consultants such as those at Innvision playing a large role, working closely with experienced and recommended contractors and installers to aid in executing and implementing the design intent. Having a professional team of hospitality specialists with a good track record can ensure a quality outcome even within a reasonable budget.

4 Ways to Create a Custom Hotel Look Within Your Budget

#1: Get Local Inspiration

Local touches will help the guest feel like part of the local community and can be found in the form of décor or art pieces that are directly tied to the destination. An experienced hospitality designer knows how to create this connection through their FF&E selections.

#2: Mix Textures and Finishes

Incorporate different textures such as wood, metal, stone, textiles, and patterns to achieve a luxurious depth of design and layered appearance. Applying this concept to a select-service hotel’s public space in just the right doses can have a big visual impact without requiring a huge investment.

#3: Create Intimate Spaces

Plan cozy, grouped seating within the multi-use lobby so guests have options to relax and/or work comfortably. Smart FF&E choices here don’t have to be expensive, but they can go a long way towards making your guests feel welcome and encouraging them to use the space.

#4: Incorporate Natural Elements

Using natural light and organic materials, a biophilic design approach creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. A skilled hospitality designer can inject natural elements in the right spots without going over the top.

Creating a Custom Look with Innvision

A thoughtful interior design gives you a fantastic opportunity to embrace the character and uniqueness of your property. Depending on your budget, a hospitality designer can create a fully custom design or else modify your brand prototype scheme to create a semi-custom design. This helps your hotel become more memorable and useful to your guests, which is likely to increase your ROI.

At Innvision, we can help you create a custom look within your budget by supporting you with the planning, drafting, and design development tailored to your project. We are experienced, approved, and recommended by Hilton, IHG, Marriott, and other leading hotel brands.

We handle all brand submittals and have unsurpassed manufacturer relationships. Our procurement teams also provide proactive delivery scheduling with freight tracking and timely delivery reports, and extend credit with flexible payment terms.

Innvision’s design and procurement solutions guide you from start-to-finish throughout a project, from discovery to execution. Contact us to see how we can help create a custom look for your hotel while staying within budget!