How Long Will It Take to Renovate My Hotel in 2024?

How Long Will It Take to Renovate My Hotel in 2024?

Every hotel renovation is different. If you are not strictly following a prototypical renovation plan for your brand, certain circumstances, such as a custom renovation plan or a brand conversion, can make the timeline vary from one project to the next. Furthermore, the last three years of ever-changing supply chain dynamics challenged FF&E delivery planning. But fortunately, here in 2024, we can make an educated estimate of how long your hotel renovation will take.

Before we begin, it’s important to note the importance of hotel renovations. You elevate the guest experience by transforming and updating your space. In an industry as competitive as hospitality, hotels must maintain and refresh their properties regularly to stay current and appealing to guests.

So, how long do these renovations take, especially now that the supply chain disruption of the pandemic is largely behind us? Read on to find out and to discover ways to avoid renovation delays.

Factors Affecting Hotel Renovation Schedules

The length of your renovation depends on the type of renovation you are undertaking. With advance planning, you can replace certain soft goods in as little as a month or two, while more extensive renovations will take six months or more. Moreover, a complete renovation might require a full year.

Regardless of your renovation type, leave plenty of lead time for your interior design and procurement team to develop detailed plans and documentation, get brand approvals, build budgets, get sign-offs, place FF&E purchase orders, track FF&E production, and assist with deliveries and installation.

How to Avoid Renovation Delays

There are three key ways to avoid hotel renovation delays:

#1: Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication amongst the team is imperative!


As a hotelier, you are the expert on your hotel’s operations. By partnering with a robust design and procurement provider, you can rest assured your renovation project is on the fastest track to success. For example, at Innvision, we spearhead project kick-off and recurring meetings to keep everyone current on key details and have systems in place so that our team, your hotel team, and the contractor’s team are all on the same page. With open lines of communication and a spirit of collaboration, we can anticipate possible setbacks on the horizon and work together to circumvent or minimize them to save you time and money.

#2: Know Your Budget Upfront

You set your team—and your renovation project—up for success when you set your budget upfront. That way, your team understands its constraints and you have budget guardrails in place to avoid back-and-forth on pricing. This back-and-forth can cause delays when selecting your hotel FF&E.

If you’re unsure how much to budget for your hotel renovation, your design and procurement provider can help you. Innvision has done many renovations, large and small, and can help you discover a realistic budget range for your needs.

#3: Develop a Renovation Plan

Create a responsibility matrix with your team so everyone knows who is handling what, and develop a renovation plan ahead of time. Much goes into this plan, but below is a list of factors to for the team to consider that directly affect long it will take to renovate your hotel:

  • What’s the scope of work?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Does this renovation/conversion need to be installed in stages to minimize guest/occupancy interruptions?
  • What’s the lead time for materials?
  • In what season will the renovation take place?
  • Who is responsible for what, and are these roles clearly defined?

Hotel Renovations with Innvision

At Innvision, we take your hotel renovation or brand conversion seriously and want it to happen as quickly and successfully as possible. To do this, we stay current with the suppliers on lead times, track shipping delays at ports, and know how to work around holidays such as Lunar New Year. We also work with your contractor to align the delivery of goods with the construction schedule.

Working with a design and FF&E provider such as Innvision helps you minimize delays because you have the deep experience of our project teams in your corner. We are extremely hands-on and our design and procurement consultants typically make strategic site visits throughout the project to ensure the renovation stays on track and on time.

To learn how we can help you with a successful and timely hotel renovation in 2024, contact us!