How Long Will It Take For My Hotel FF&E to Arrive?

How Long Will It Take For My Hotel FF&E to Arrive?

At Innvision, we pay close attention to the changing lead times of our most popular hotel furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF&E) products. The lead time, or FF&E production time after a manufacturer receives a purchase order, can greatly impact your new construction or renovation project schedule. Therefore, knowing the varying lead times and planning for them helps us ensure your project stays on track.

In this post, you’ll learn the latest lead times we’re seeing in the industry at this point. In addition, we’ll share simple strategies that have helped our clients protect against the impact of longer FF&E delivery times.

Below are common lead times for major hotel FF&E product categories. Keep in mind that shipping time, shop drawing review and approvals, fabric approvals, specific situations, and other factors can add several weeks before FF&E items arrive.


Lead times are still slightly longer than usual but are getting much better. We’ve seen quotes down to 6-8 weeks.

Ceramic Tile

Currently, the lead time for ceramic time is 8-10 weeks.


These have improved and our carpet vendors are mostly back on pre-COVID lead times. 


Hotel FF&E Lead Times


Some vendors for upholstered seating are still within the 20-week time frame. Others are back to normal, which is around 6-10 weeks.

Window Treatments

Pre-measures are scheduled about six weeks out; then, the lead time is about six weeks from the time of the pre-measure. Orders of overseas items are also subject to port issues, which still exist but have been improving.


Backlit mirrors have a lead time of about 20 weeks if not in stock, while art or decorative mirrors have a lead time of 8 weeks.


Most vendors are quoting 17 weeks for custom items. Lead times for out-of-stock items are about the same.


Vanities appear to be back in line for overseas production times, but port delays can add additional time. Currently, we’re seeing a 16-week lead time, plus a delay at the port that could be two weeks or more.

Hotel FF&E Lead Times

Case Goods

Lead times for case goods are 12-16 weeks domestically and 16-18 overseas.

Wall Vinyl

Wall vinyl is essentially back to normal, with lead times ranging from 4 to 6 weeks.

Outdoor Furniture

Lead times for outdoor furniture are exploding, with the most recent lead times being 20+ weeks.

Three Ways to Prevent Delays Due to Lagging Lead Times

While hotel FF&E lead times are longer, there are three easy ways to minimize the chance that delays will interfere with your project schedule:

1) Plan ahead: If you begin planning early, you can buffer the impacts of longer lead times and frustrating delays. You will put yourself in the best position to avoid unexpected delays, which you almost have to expect in the FF&E production and shipping process these days.

2) Set realistic expectations: The truth is that the hotel FF&E manufacturing industry overall is still very much affected by COVID disruptions. Remember this when scheduling and setting expectations. Build a little wiggle room into your timeline.

3) Get storage: Many hoteliers who wouldn’t otherwise are ordering early and then storing their FF&E once it arrives to address lead time unpredictability. Although this can cause other issues, including potentially more damage claims, storage gives flexibility and peace of mind that the products are available when it comes time for installation.

In summary, if you’re looking to begin your next hotel project, start now! Innvision can make your next project a success and help minimize any delays or surprises along the way. To learn how we can help you with your project schedule, reach out to us!