Challenges Hotel Owners Face When Renovating A Hotel

Challenges Hotel Owners Face When Renovating A Hotel

FF&E and project management for hotel renovations

Hoteliers face several challenges when it comes time to renovate a property and refresh the hotel’s furnishings. Although some challenges may seem more obvious and easier to sidestep before a project begins, others can fly under the radar until it’s too late.

In this post, we’ll discuss five common and frequently overlooked challenges facing hotel owners during renovation, and how Innvision recommends that you tackle them.

Hotel Renovation Challenge #1: Staying on Schedule

During a hotel renovation, staying on schedule is critical to the success of the project. Typically, renovation schedules are planned a floor at a time, and the aim is to complete each floor in the least amount of time possible to reopen it for guests. However, with a delay, a domino effect occurs that can create complexity and additional work. For example, if the tile installer delays one week, the contractor must push back the timing of everything else coming after that task.

To minimize delays and their impact, Innvision recommends that you schedule everything in stages and be ready to make rapid adjustments. Get updates and progress reports from the project’s key players regularly. Align FF&E delivery dates with the desired installation schedule, which will also help you avoid storage issues on site.

Hotel Renovation Challenge #2: Improper Coordination

Because hotels are typically open during renovations, timing the work to be done and anticipating how it will affect guests on-property is important. Proper timing requires impeccable coordination and a well-thought-out plan.

With good coordination among your project team and an experienced, proactive procurement provider, you’ll stress less about storage or delays. Your FF&E is much more likely to be on-time, in-sequence, and installed as it gets delivered — and you can resolve the unexpected with minimal disruption. Concerns such as equipment needs, manpower, and where product should go will be much more straightforward, since they will be part of the planning and coordination process before furnishings arrive.

Because your hotel isn’t vacant, there’s usually a shortage of storage space, and housing pallets and boxes in your lobby simply isn’t an option. Everyone on the renovation team must coordinate deliveries and installations in detail. Each must follow a sequential order that is “just in time” (JIT) – not too early to cause storage issues and not too late to delay the schedule.

Hotel Renovation Challenge #3: Guest Complaints

Guests appreciate a newly renovated hotel. However, your not setting expectations with guests staying at your hotel during a renovation will result in complaints. Instead, let guests know you are renovating before they arrive and outline what they should expect, whether that be more noise, dust, or disruption than usual during their stay.

Then, keep things as neat and tidy as possible. Keep clutter and trash away from hallways and public areas, and plan for storing goods ahead of time if necessary.

Hotel Renovation Challenge #4: Overlooked Details

With big projects, it can be easy to overlook small details. Examples are installing wall vinyl but forgetting the corner guards or setting installation schedules based on when product ships, not delivers. Other considerations are how case goods will make it from the delivery truck to the rooms for installation without disturbing guests – in other words, no shuffling them in through the lobby or hijacking guest elevators.

Little details can make a big difference in your renovation’s overall ease and success. Innvision offers guidance to plan for the important but little things you may not otherwise consider.

Hotel Renovation Challenge #5: A Lack of Communication

When communication lines aren’t open between all the key players of your renovation, including your FF&E team, contractor, and yourself, you risk a loss of revenue, costly delays, storage issues, and/or dissatisfied guests and staff.

Weekly meetings, progress reports, and status reports involving all key players keep communication open and active, so nothing slips through the cracks. It’s also essential to regularly request an updated schedule from your GC, with whom you should be working hand-in-hand from the outset. Schedules and conditions will change over the course of a project, so don’t assume the schedule you received three months ago is still accurate.

With so much going on throughout a hotel renovation, something unexpected is bound to happen. By being quick, communicative, and responsive, and working with the right procurement provider, you and your team can minimize adverse effects and make your renovation project a success. To learn more about how Innvision can support you with your next renovation project, contact us today.

FF&E and project management for hotel renovations