Hospitality Trends: What’s New in Carpets & Flooring for 2020

Hospitality Trends: What’s New in Carpets & Flooring for 2020

new hospitality floor and carpet design trends

Carpet and other types of flooring play a large role in your hotel’s ambience as a staple in every area of a property. Flooring’s material and design selections impact operational aspects from durability and cleanability to guests’ aesthetic experience. Read on to find out what’s new in the many components of hospitality flooring: 

Broadloom Carpet

While carpet tile has been a recent trend in hotel flooring, broadloom carpet is still a mainstay in the hospitality design scene. Even hotel owners who have previously specified carpet tile for guestrooms and corridors are deciding to use broadloom again. A couple reasons that broadloom carpet maintains favor in the hospitality industry are cost-efficiency and evolving technologies

One such notable update in broadloom carpet technology is new custom tufting machines available for both solution-dyed nylon and Axminster carpets. These tufting devices use a 12-color cut and loop CYP that can create nearly any desired look on a broadloom carpet. This innovative technology has allowed for more design-driven solutions while staying budget-friendly.

Cove Base

Cove base materials have widely shifted from carpet to vinyl for a variety of reasons. Vinyl cove bases are more resilient and easier to clean, making them ideal for hospitality environments. Cove bases made of PVC vinyl also provide a smoother transition between them and flooring, regardless of what materials are on the floor. Custom design capabilities are largely responsible for this seamless transition, with the ability to match vinyl cove bases to colors that manufacturers may not have and the capacity to bring texture to the vinyl for more depth. 

In terms of design, most of today’s cove bases utilize solid, neutral tones. Hotel corridors commonly have a more architectural look to cove bases, with vinyl materials that mimic the appearance of wood.

Flooring Design Trends

While neutral hues are still widespread in hospitality flooring, small pops of color are finding their way into the designs. For instance, a carpet may have a neutral base tone with one or two accent colors weaved throughout the yarn. Subdued blues and greiges are prevalent choices for base colors, while romantic pinks and vivacious green-blues are trendy options for accents.

Carpet patterns now tend to have a single, repeating design that spans the whole flooring area. Plaid is a growing trend for guestroom and public area carpets, while terrazzo has made a big comeback all-around in hospitality floors.

All About the Earth

Biophilia and sustainability have been reigning trends in the hospitality industry for years now, and their influence is evident in hotel flooring. Organic motifs are a popular choice for carpets and other types, implemented in both subtle and pronounced approaches. There is an emergence of carpet patterns that resemble textures from nature, such as rocks or water. Large-scale, striking floral prints are a way to tap into the botanical design trend while achieving a bolder aesthetic.

It’s not just design that’s become greener in flooring, though. Carpet pads most commonly contain 100% recycled materials nowadays. Many manufacturers are carrying out eco-friendly practices in their production. One such way vendors are implementing sustainability is with recycling programs where they pick up old carpet tiles and use them to source new yarn.  

Innovative technologies and applications and developing decorative styles alike are spawning exciting new flooring options. Make sure your property’s floors are creating an impact and aligned with current trends with help from Innvision Hospitality’s unparalleled FF&E design and procurement services!