What’s New: 2021 Hospitality Design Trends

What’s New: 2021 Hospitality Design Trends

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The latest hospitality design trends are making their way through the industry at a surprising pace. With the advancement of technology, the pandemic, and evolving guest desires, the hotel design trends of 2021 are functional, eye-catching, and sure to make your guest’s stay a memorable one.

In this post, we’ll discuss the hospitality trends we’re following, how Innvision Design Studio stays ahead of the curve, and what industry changes we expect when it comes to hospitality design in a post-pandemic world.

Natural Elements

In 2021, we see a shift towards more calming colors, like pastels and earth tones, and clean, streamlined designs. The hospitality industry is moving towards being more eco-friendly in general, and this shows in plans that include natural elements both in public areas and guestrooms.

Green plants and living walls are also increasing in popularity. These give guests a sense of calm, well-being, and comfort, while also keeping the air clean and fresh. Applying these concepts, a design including natural wood finishes and large porcelain stoneware works well.

With this natural motif, hotels demonstrate respect for and closeness to nature.

Themed Guestrooms & Memorable Decor

Hoteliers want to offer guests precisely what they want, which pushes a new trend to have different themes of guestrooms within the same hotel while still maintaining the hotel’s corporate identity and branding. This could look like a combination of classic, modern, art deco, and minimalism, for example.

To give guests a memorable experience, interior design features such as an impressively decorated accent wall, unusual art objects, and lots of greenery are sweeping the hotel industry.

“Hometels,” Art Galleries, and Co-Working

The “Hometel” idea is gaining popularity among hotel designers. Essentially, this means decorating a hotel room as a home space — laid out to reflect a studio or an apartment — which promises comfort, serenity, and functionality. With the use of relaxing, natural tones and live plants, that sense of home away from home attracts guests worldwide.

However, when guests travel, they still want to experience the local culture. Keeping this in mind, a consistent trend has been designing with local traditions, which allows guests to enjoy the city’s flavor and learn more about the history, surroundings, and events available during their stay.  Some hotels even collaborate with local artists and use the public area as an “Art Gallery.”  The hotel’s common area changes every few months through this partnership, and the hotel showcases and supports the local artist. Win win!

To use public space more efficiently, hotels are offering “co-working” spaces to serve the growing population of remote workers and students.

Technology & Fitness

Smart technology is present in a variety of applications in the hospitality industry of today. From contactless and mobile check-ins to room keys downloaded on a smartphone, the pandemic has quickened the development and adoption of technology. These new tools keep physical contact to a minimum while making your guest’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Smart TVs, wireless phone charging stations, and a “drop-station” by the door — a place to sanitize and leave your phone, keys, and jacket — are all trending. Their arrival is the result of increasing expectations that hotels keep up with the times and provide what guests would otherwise have at home.

Another emerging trend reinforced by the pandemic is to offer exercise equipment in the guestroom. A fitness area inside a room might include a stationary bike, resistance bands, weights, an exercise ball, and a yoga mat.

Inspiration and Education

At ID Studio, we draw our inspiration from all over, including online, through vendor presentations, design magazines, and even architectural hotel documentaries (especially those in Dubai!). Innvision stays ahead of the latest hospitality design trends, so your hotel construction or renovation project will reflect the most current themes and features within the marketplace.

ID Studio brings together a team of talented and experienced hospitality-specific interior design professionals with full-service design capabilities and process. To learn more about how your hotel new construction or renovation can get access to the latest trends, contact Innvision today.