Hotel Artwork Trends & Tips

Hotel Artwork Trends & Tips

Artwork enhances the experience and ambiance of your hotel and reflects a location’s society, culture, and offerings. It plays an essential role in forming your hotel’s identity, allowing the guests to interact with the space and experience the mood. Placing curated art within a hotel tells a story, elevates the design and aesthetic, and helps guests feel welcomed.

In this blog, you will learn some of the latest artwork trends and tips from Innvision Design Studio’s experienced hospitality designers.

Hotel Artwork Trends

Advances in technology make it easier to mass-produce three-dimensional art for hotel guestrooms. There has also been a rise in foliage artwork such as living walls. Abstract art now tends to include more dimensions and some pieces are even interactive. Single standard-framed print and canvas art has also evolved into dynamic and diverse gallery walls.

Overall, artwork is increasingly unique to each property, its city, and often its neighborhood, instead of simply following the collective hotel brand.

Hotel Artwork Tips

Track Your Budget

Art is limitless and comes at all price points, so you’ll want to distribute your budget throughout each space across the property. However, be sure to start with a large enough artwork budget to avoid having a bland hotel.

Stay On Theme

Curate your hospitality artwork with a consistent theme. It should have a narrative for the design that is pervasive throughout the hotel. It will help tell the story and tie the different spaces together conceptually.


Consider Culture

Including artwork from local artists or featuring scenery from the area always helps the guest feel at home in a new location. People enjoy learning about and exploring new places and your hotel’s artwork can support this.

Complement the Design/Brand

The colors of the hotel artwork should either complement or coordinate with the design of the space. If the brand has unique elements, it is always good to portray that within the art. When selecting hotel artwork, consider the brand, location, owner, history, guests, theme/concept, color scheme, size/proportions, and variety.

Work With Space

Choose the right proportions and sizes for your hotel artwork based on the room a piece will occupy. Art should have breathing room around furniture and look like it fits the wall space. Also, select the right frame for your art so it seamlessly blends in with the room’s overall design while still showcasing the art itself.  

Provide Artwork Information

Hotel artwork plaques help guests learn more about the space, the art, and the artists themselves. Plaques may even facilitate guests’ shopping for art and buying from those artists, thus supporting the local art community.

Avoid Controversy

While statement artwork with a bold message can be beautiful, it may be off-putting for your diverse guest population. Avoid controversial, political, religious, or offensive artwork.

At Innvision, we implement all the above when supporting hoteliers in the art selection process. We coordinate with local artists on request and work with many fantastic vendors. Our efforts ensure a complete package that includes an assortment of artwork coordinated to match the hotel, elevation drawings of mounting heights and locations, and a final check-in before opening.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help select the best hotel artwork for your next project, contact us!