The Latest Hotel Design Trends and Products from HD Expo 2022

The Latest Hotel Design Trends and Products from HD Expo 2022

At Innvision, we’ve always got an eye on the latest trends in the industry. That’s why we attend industry expos – to get inspired, see what’s new, and bring back the best for our clients.

Recently, our team attended the annual HD Expo + Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada. As explained on the event website, it’s “the largest hospitality event of its kind in the country, showcasing the latest products, services, and innovative developments from the industry’s leading manufacturers.” 

In this post, you’ll learn what trends and products caught our eye and how to incorporate trendy and timeless designs in your next hotel construction or renovation.

2022: The Year of Timeless Design

Our team wasn’t surprised by any vastly different design trends at the expo. Instead, we recognized the strong continuation and refinement of timeless designs and lasting trends. This is excellent news for hoteliers, as drastic and costly changes won’t be necessary to keep up with this year’s trends.

Mid-Century Modern & Art Deco  Design

There were many references to past design styles, like mid-century modern and art deco, which provide comfort and familiarity to guests. We saw art deco motifs in artwork and wall coverings for a pop of color, and furniture featured rounded shapes and plush seating.

Maximizing  the Outdoors

Today, hoteliers treat the outdoors as an extension of the indoor space. As a result, there were plenty of outdoor furniture options and indoor-outdoor furniture selections to bring the outdoors inside.  As in previous years, greenery and living walls continue to increase to enliven spaces and add a touch of nature indoors.

Regional Design

An ongoing trend in the hotel industry is regionally-reflective design while remaining consistent with hotel brand guidelines. Think regional colors – terracotta and turquoise in New Mexico or sandy hues in Arizona – as well as regional art from local artists.

Mixed  Textures and Tones

In fabrics and upholstery, there is an emphasis on solid colors and varied textures, which provides dimension and variety without busy patterns. The focus is on “the hand” – the feel – of the fabrics.

Mixed wood tones and soft satin gold finishes are also trends that prove to stand the test of time.

Brand-Aligned Design

We’re fluent in evolving guest needs, industry trends, and brand guidelines. As a result, we can offer our clients the best options that satisfy all three. To learn more about how Innvision can help you with your next project, reach out