Tips for Selecting the Best Accessories for Your Hotel

Tips for Selecting the Best Accessories for Your Hotel

Accessories are an essential component of your hotel. They help create a welcoming atmosphere, make your hotel more “homey,” and add personality to the space. Unlike replacing your furniture, which can be costly, you can easily update or enhance hotel public spaces with accessories that add new colors, textures, and patterns that are sure to capture your guest’s attention. 

In this post, you’ll learn some valuable tips for selecting the best accessories for your hotel so you can add that finishing touch to your spaces while binding accent colors and textures together in a stylish way.

Tip #1: Pay attention to scale

Don’t select objects too small or large for the space. Things too large will make the space feel cramped, and if they’re too small, the objects will get lost and look like an afterthought.

Tip #2: Mix and match accessories

Avoid selecting accessories similar in size, shape, color, or pattern, and don’t over-clutter with meaningless objects. Accessories need to create a balanced interest and function, which requires a thoughtful, measured approach.

Tip #3: Weave in the local atmosphere

Select accessories that tie into the local atmosphere as a way to support and pay tribute to the hotel’s location. Guests appreciate getting a feel for the locale when visiting.

Tip #4: The most important accessories are near the entry

Accessories are essential in the reception and lobby areas, as they help create a strong

first impression with the guest and can even create #instaworthy opportunities that engage and impress guests and their social media followers.

Tip #5: Budget for an accessory package

A mistake hoteliers make is forgetting to budget for an accessory package and then running out of funds to add them before end of their project. 

Since not having accessories can leave a hotel feeling empty and hollow, be sure to budget for accessories so you can add that finishing touch to your hotel project.

Innvision helps budget for an accessory package early on. Depending on the project, a designer will make a site visit to determine the best accessories for your space based on your budget and needs. We incorporate accessories into the project from the start, in elevations and/or design presentations, so that you can visualize your result well before the completion of your project.

To learn more about how Innvision can help make your next hotel project a success, reach out!