ALIS Conference 2024 Recap

ALIS Conference 2024 Recap

As a hotelier, you want to make the most of your hotel investment, and as your design and procurement partner, Innvision wants the same! This is why we attended the Americas Lodging Investment (ALIS) Conference and Trade Show: to create relationships and gain valuable insights to maximize your investment—and boost your bottom line.

About ALIS

Attending conferences such as ALIS allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest in hospitality and the direction of our industry in 2024. In attendance at ALIS were hotel brands, investors, asset managers, architects, interior designers, manufacturers, project managers, construction managers, purchasing executives, and other collaborative design consultants working in everything from economy to luxury and resort properties.

ALIS “has delivered an unrivaled combination of compelling content, top-tier delegates, and extraordinary networking opportunities, making it the world’s leading and largest hotel investment conference” for 20 years. It is described as “The place the industry gathers to network, make deals, explore trends, and gain insights into the hotel investment and development community.”

Our Takeaways from ALIS

Industry experts on panels at ALIS conveyed the following:

  • There was a tone of cautious optimism that the US economy may skirt a recession, or that if one appeared, it would be mild.
  • Each market segment is likely to feel different about the next two or three years, with RevPAR (revenue per available room) growth generally strongest on the upper end and weakest in the economy chain scales.
  • Despite the inflation and tight credit of 2023, the US hotel construction, renovation, and brand conversion pipeline is very robust.
  • Extended-stay brands and hotels remain hot due to their resiliency and highly efficient business model.
  • Although the recovery of the business transient segment has been slower, business travel overall is moving in the right direction.
  • The longer-term prospects for the hospitality industry are very promising, with the US consumer holding up, households’ prioritization of travel, companies’ increasing return to office, group events and conferences scaling up, international inbound travel likely to improve from where we are now, and hotel demand growth outpacing supply growth.

The ALIS Design+ portion of the week put hotel owners, investors, brands, designers, and purchasers in the same room together to discuss projects, products, and hotel operations. This was a chance for all attendees to better understand how to collaborate and deliver the best return on investment (ROI) possible. During these sessions, we discussed best practices and design strategies to maximize your use of a hotel’s “dead spaces.”

Everyone on your hotel project team needs to remember that hotels are investments, and that hotel owners have specific ROI expectations in mind. For example, the ROI from a renovation or conversion can come from higher RevPAR, creating a revenue-generating space such as a restaurant or bar in a hotel’s dead spaces, or other creative ROI-boosting efforts. 

Innvision’s attendance at ALIS helps us continuously improve our services to deliver the ultimate client experience. We pride ourselves in having field-based consultants nationwide and an industry-leading interior design staff who understand both business and the art of design. We keep your ROI in mind, whether in a new construction or renovation. To start your next hotel project, contact us today!